Friday, January 16, 2009


Africa is my cat. Many of you already know that. Now, some people, especially dog lovers, will say that cats aren't the same as dogs and I would agree, but Africa is a pretty special kitty. Grant and I got her 13 years ago with her sister Kokanee. They were little kittens and so cute. Then added a life to very empty new house and we treated them like royalty. They were comfortable in our life. Africa was always my kitty and Kokanee always Grants. Africa would whine at our bedroom door in the morning demanding to be let in after a long night of separation. She would crawl under the covers and push Grant and I away from each other making room for her and only her - Kokanne was not invited. When she turned eight, Mason was born. Unlike her sister, she accepted him as part of the family. Kokanee would just look at us like, "When is he going HOME!" There were parts she liked and parts she didn't. Bedroom doors were never closed anymore which meant she got to sleep with us, but "HE" was always there. Shortly after Mason was born, Grant had to go out of town. She would wake up to Mason crying, and realizing that I was sleep deprived, she would rub her head in my face to wake me up to feed him. Shortly after that, Nolan came and she again adjusted. Then cancer. When the cancer came, she shifted more dramatically. I didn't even notice it until much later. It was like she knew what to do and that I, her best friend, was in trouble. When I am in treatment and it is just her and I in the house, she follows me around. To the couch, to the bed, to the kitchen. I am never out of her sight. She knows the drill and takes care of me. I love her for that. She is my companion. She never complains while I am in treatment and sometimes when I hurt too much to move we will slide beside me with her beautifully soft fur and take the edge off so that I can sleep. I especially love it when she lays against my back, still, and constant. So, people that say that cats aren't as good as dog may be right, but no one can say that Africa hasn't been some of the best medicine for me. Right here. Happy Weekend, Ang


Anonymous said...

Africa sounds almost human. Sensitive kind loving, that is as good as a human and her only complaint is to whine at your bedroom door to be let in so that she can give you love, that is a wonderful animal! love pat&mag

Anonymous said...

Never say that cats aren't as good as a dog. They're just different. A cat can be an amazing source of comfort and the curative power of a purr goes a long long way. I'm glad you have such a good feline friend.