Friday, January 23, 2009

Even train wreck come to an end..

Well, it looks like we are all on the mend. I am up and around without two naps. I even feel like putting dinner together. Mason is FINE. Nolan is still a little off, but he will be fine. (He and I still have the a touch of the same problem, but at least HE wears a diaper.) Mom is up more and more and my Dad seems to have gotten out of this. Grant is back to work. So, things must be back to normal because I am sorting through toys at my parents, tossing old broken ones, and starting to ask my Mom why she has salt in four places. She told me I could go home anytime. In a few spare moments, I also educated myself in palm reading and if I read it right apparently I am going to live a long time. It is long and strong with one very distinct circle which supposedly indicates some major threat my life. Cancer, ya think????? Apparently my career/fate line says that I will successfully change careers. CRAP. I was kinda hoping after this mom/cancer survivor/wife thing, I would be sipping Mai Tai and calling it good. I guess you can't argue with the palm, or you can but that may look questionable to some. Happy weekend - love, Ang


Anonymous said...

"Talk to the Hand?????" is that where that phrase came from???

Can I book an appointment for a reading in April?

Is this (palm reading) the career change in your future? Sounds like a good gig to me, low overhead, short commute (they come to you), you set your own hours and rates an Mai Tai's probably wouldn't interfere with your productivity. I like it. Love Jane
Glad everyone is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I have been sympathizing with you. Those "train wrecks" always come at the wrong time don't they? Now, I hope you get to enjoy the "calm??" after the storm. (For a little bit) I think the moral of the story for you and Grant is that you guys can definately get through ANYTHING!!!!
And yes, when this current carreer is over for you, I think you can get any job you want, including Mai Tai's!!! Just think what you can add to your resume???
Enjoy your weekend,
Your unmet friend

leslie kendall said...

Silly - don't you know what your new career is? It's writing a book - title suggestions "The Train Wreck Ends", "Hankey Pankey Panties Kicked Cancers Ass", "Grandma Turns 90 and I Almost Killed My Husband";
Let me know if you want more suggestions :)
So glad you are feeling better.