Sunday, July 15, 2007

This weekend

Well, Friday stunk for lots of reasons, but I really just felt pooped on. Ironic with rectal cancer don'tyathink???? But Saturday.....Saturday was good. It normally wouldn't be considered good, but it was. I felt good, my hair looked great, and it was a BEAUTIFUL day. (Note of the hair - You know how when you have a hair appointment and that day your hair looks great so you cancel the hair appointment and then it looks like crap until your next haircut that you can't get an appointment for until you look like a total freak? SOLUTION - Threaten your hair that you are going to shave it off. It is working for me! Anyway, I digress.) So, it is a beautiful day, I feel good, my hair is still here, and have an eye appointment because I have been having some problems since chemo with my contacts. I decide that I am going to go by myself to the appointment. Grant is still recovering and Jane offered to help out so I could go. So, off I go.....the appointment went well. I got some options, and I looked, just looked, at new glasses. Mine are 10 year old - little dated to say the LEAST! I kept putting glasses off thinking that with being pregnant and all that I should wait in case my eyesight changes. It never did - such luck. And now with chemo, should I really invest?!?!?! (Please don't answer that.) Anyway, I digress again. So, I am driving up and I start to drive a little too fast in Grant's car, I roll down all the windows, open the sunroof, turn on the AC full blast, and cranked up the stereo. You are thinking, "Wow, you look like an OLD TEENAGER." I was and it was FUN! I did the same on the way home. I drove by the market and smelled all the market smells, I yelled at stupid drivers, and I sang to the radio. I got home at about 2:00 starving so I ate ALL of the remaining Mac and Cheese that was delivered the day before and took a rest until the kids got up. We finished the day with an impromptu dinner at the neighbors with crab and salmon - AWESOME! It would have been perfect it Nolan would have only gotten up once that night, but he didn't. Oh well, I guess I will have to settle on almost perfect. :) Today we went to Thomas the Tank Engine at the Snoqualmie Railway Museum. Nolan stayed with auntie Jane and it was just Mason, Grant and I. Mason did awesome. He loves Thomas. We have it on video, bought the "professional photos", temporary tattoos, and all. I let Mason touch Thomas - he felt so special. I was so proud of him. He waited in line so many times, played nicely with others, and followed directions beautifully. Two great days together - my son's face when he touched Thomas - priceless.


Jill said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend.... I can't wait to take Ben to see Thomas when he's Mason's age! Maybe he and Nolan can go together!! :)

As for glasses - go to Costco. I found great ones there.. They're even Ralph Lauren, and with lenses and everything, they were only $200...

leslie kendall said...

Hey Angie - Okay - so next time you are out alone.....listen to "The Dixie Chicks" - "I'm not ready to make nice" - whatever your political or musical views are, the song kicks ass and is best sung very loud and VERY alone :) It has gotten me thru some great runs.
Also - I just wanted to put out there - the next time you have chemo if you want the boys closer to you - Aunt Jane and the boys could stay here....or better yet might be for you (and Grant) to stay here - so the boys could be in their own environment - and if you stayed here, no laundry for you (as I would do it for you):)Whatever is best.....just know my guest room and home are open to your and your family and friends......xoxo
leslie kendall
ps - glasses rock!

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and get the glasses! There are alot of fun ones out there and they are more a fashion accessory these days! I went a long time without new ones and now am contemplating a second more "casual" pair... even if my prescription hasn't changed. Maybe we can shop together? Deb has offered to be a glasses consultant - fashion plate that she is - so I'm sure she could take care of the two of us at once.