Tuesday, July 3, 2007

It is a sinus infection - fun times!

But the good news is my oncologist called in antibotics for me and I got them already. They also said they were on call tomorrow, so feel free to call. I told them I wasn't going to call and that they need boundaries! They laughed. They take very good care of me. Pretty lucky!!!! Happy 4th - Ang


Anonymous said...

Hey ang - rememeber water is good! And, I believe Ruth Reichl has something to say about wigs and her fave wig maker....my aunt has named her wig though josephine so IF you get one - I propose your south king county book group gets to pick the BEST name...that you must use regardless.

thoughts and love with you - lesley

Anonymous said...

Hey Girlie Girl-
Big Bang Day! I must say that you are an amazing woman and deserve a Day to take in the Big Bang's for the good for a change. I read your comments and cannot believe your strenth and courage and conviction. I look at you in awe, as you inspire others (your friends and fam ) with all you are going through. Isn't it strange that you help those who feel helpless themselves? I want to get in there and take it from you..fight the battle for you..give you my strength so that you have enough left to be with Mason and Nolan, but alas I can't. What I do, is pray for you every day and know that God is caring for you in his special way. This will all be behind you, chalked up as "an experience" in the not too distant future, that I am sure of. It is so hard to see over the Mountain right now,,, but Ang, I know it will happen. Eric and I love you so much. Keep fighting and again, enjoy the Big Bang Day. Happy 4th- Love to Grant and the Boys too.


Anonymous said...

Happy 4th Angela to you and your family. I hope that cold is over and you have a great day. I, too, missed your daily messages. I think when you are over all this you need to think about writing a journal to share with women (and men) going through this. You really could be a great inspiration.We all know you will get past this and we keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
Love to you, your husband and sons.
Charlene G.

Anonymous said...

One question for you Ang, how many welders did you interview before you found one that was also a hairdresser? You were always good at finding multi-talented people. Enjoy the 4th and know that Mag and I talk about you and think about you and wish for your happiness always. Pat&Mag

leslie kendall said...

Hi Angie - I look for your blog everyday - so I too have missed it. Hope your sinus infection is better.
Okay - so for the hairdresser, please tell me he is single - I would love to meet someone who could do my hair and also - well weld things and has a big truck :)
Happy 4th! Sending you love, light, and prayers - leslie kendall