Friday, March 4, 2011

This past week and waiting for my scan

So, I have to say from last Thursday to now I have felt great-even normal. I ran errands for the house, for CRETE, for the kids, WOW. I went for walks, played in the snow, and read at Mason's school. I went on a date with Grant. I vacuumed the whole house, not just the downstairs, but apparently, I have lost my touch because I sucked Nolan's Buzz Lightyear balloon up in the vacuum. I know I was screaming and hopping around, but I saved him - thank goodness! The anxiety set in last night about the scan that I am waiting to do right now. This scan is to see if the blood clots have dissolved. The reality is that they have not, but there is an outside chance they have. So, if they have, and my cancer it still stable, I can go to surgery and hopefully be back in remission. It would be two surgeries - one on the butt, one on my left lung, but I am up for it and even, oddly, hoping for it. If the clots are still there, I will continue on chemo light for another month and we will try again. So, here I sit drinking my contrast, waiting. I feel like I am one point behind with 2 seconds to go, drawing a foul, and at the free throw line. Problem is I can't see the basket. ....wish me luck.....please say a prayer.....cross your fingers for a little miracle today. Thank you! Loves, Ang


Laurie said...

Fingers crossed and trusting in your free throw skills. :)

L said...


Last week I read your entire blog, from the beginning of your journey until today.
You give great inspiration for many people.
You and I are the same age, I'm a breast cancer survivor ( was never sure I liked that word either),
I have 3 little girls.
I'm saying a prayer for you tonite.
Power on!!

Anonymous said...

Swooosh...all net!

Love & laughter,


Anonymous said...

We all know you got game girl..
dunk it!

Dawn Finlayson said...

Love & hugs, as always.

Kari George said...

Best of luck Ang! We are rooting for you here in the George Household!

Love you!