Thursday, March 10, 2011

Could this be true?????

So, I literally JUST got word about my PET scan and the reason I am up is because I have a family friend hanging in the balance of whether I see her tomorrow. She is visiting my Grandma for lunch and would like me to come to help so that we can get Grandma out of the center and, I know, to see me. We have fun together. She is a hoot. What a sport - I don't know how people put up with me, but then I have to put up with me.....anyway......I digress.......So, here is the news. The area in my bum, according to the scan seems to be bigger (bad), so I have to get into my colon rectal surgeon to have him "look" at it. GOOD TIMES. If it is, we need to take it out. I still have blood clots, but apparently they are "better". That means that they can now use a filter, or something like that, so we can do the surgery anyway. O-K-A-Y. Don't really get it, but don't really care - I am operable. But here is the news that we, my oncologist and I, were both like, "WOW, could this be real???" The scan report said that my left lung is clear. CLEAR. With tears INSTANTLY running down my face I said, "How can that be?" He said, "I am going to review this with the other docs and verify it, but yes, this very well could be true. This is good news." DAMN STRAIGHT it is good news. I am not so far gone not to know when I hear really really GOOD news, but I am baffled. How did the lungs disappear so fast from January when it was so frickin' persistent?!?!?! God, I so want this to be true. If it is true, I could be in day surgery next week and cancer free by Friday. This is quite the turn around from the beginning of this week and, "Oh, we need to check your liver...Oh, we need a PET now.....Liver is sluggish, but nothing bad will probably correct itself after you are done with thinking, "Whenever that happens!".......PET/CT folks - "Hey, you are back!....Is that good?"....How are you??...Sick of scans and fasting....I am taking Friday off........or am I? Tomorrow (Friday) I call the colon rectal surgeon, if he can see me, I go. If not, I wait till next week. My oncologist will verify the scan and tell me on Tuesday before chemo and so the story goes - unpredictable, crazy, hopeful, scary. I wonder what is on the ceiling?!?!?! Love, Ang


Kari George said...

Ang! I am soooo excited for you! WOW...what a change from Tuesday! I truly hope for you that this journey will come to an end very soon! You have been sooo strong and it's time for you to have a HUGE break from all this cancer stuff!

You are in my prayers! Hang in there as you learn more about where your path will be leading you!

Take care!


Anonymous said...

Whoooo Hoooo!!!!! You go girl!!! That is some really great news!!! Things are turning around, Yeeeessss!!!! Again...WHOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!

Myrna said...

What a difference a couple of days makes! Wonderful...

Anonymous said...

Am so glad for the news.
Yes I also want to see you and your Grandma and know that grandma would like to see you also.
Hang in there and we will meet up when this is all over which will be SOON !!

Take care my friend.