Saturday, August 4, 2007

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

A while back my social worker told me that I needed to do something just for myself like go to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that was coming up. Her intentions were good, but at the time I was still like, "Why do I want to buy clothes if I am just going to die?" I am WAY too practical!!!! But, with her voice in my head when the catalog came, I did look through it with Mason over my shoulder. He saw some Keen sandals that were just like mine and said, "Mommy, Mason want deeese ones." That is all it took and off to the sale I went. I tried to look for myself, but I just couldn't UNTIL yesterday. With the good news of my progress, I had a lot of energy and quite a bit of hope that I wasn't "just going to die." I told my Mom that I really needed a new pair of jeans and since my Mom has not liked the one pair of jeans that I bought after Mason was born she was here in a flash to babysit. Off I went. As I was driving there I remembered a conversation with my book club about one of our members buying a ridiculously expensive pair of jeans, loving the experience, and the jeans. I remember saying, "As soon as I loose the baby weight, I am so doing that!" Well, here I was, months later, with no baby fat (butt cancer makes you loose weight), an entirely different shaped body after two babies, and a desperate need to make butt cancer into the cute, sexy, fashion trend setting cancer that breast cancer is. If you don't believe me, just step into the Cancer Institute. It is like Pepto Bismol painted the joint and EVERYONE IN THERE except me of course. I got the cancer whose color is CHOCOLATE BROWN. NO JOKE. But I digress..... As I thought about it, I said to myself, "If I am going to have butt cancer, my ass is going to look really good." And so it was, me in Nordstrom with Jackie, the sales lady in t.b.d., who had the charge of finding me any jeans that would make my butt look good and be comfortable so that I can run after two boys. I tried on so many pairs I had to sit down I was so tired, but I persevered and I found the perfect pair of ridiculously expensive jeans. Jackie informed that they were the jeans featured on Oprah and her favorite. I told her about the cancer, the good news, and my new revelation of changing butt cancer's bad rap. She took it really well - probably not a conversation she has everyday - and said, "I love your attitude!" I told her that with every positive test I would be back for another pair of jeans which should be in about two months. We finished up and when she said goodbye, I said, "See you in two months!" She smiled, nodded and said, "Two months - see you then." I came home and showed Mom the jeans. She loved them. I ripped off the tags, washed them, put on my chocolate brown T-shirt from Target (6.99), and waited for Grant to come home. I told him what I did and, par usual, he was glad that I did it. The best part is he loved me in the jeans. I guess my social worker was right after all. Love, me


Anonymous said...

Your post this morning reflects a change in attitude that is strongly positive. It reminds me of a poem that contains the following lines:
"It matters not how straight the gait, how satisfied with punishment the scroll, for I am the master of my fate, I AM THE CAPTAIN OF MY SOUL".
Maggie says you are an inspiration to her. Our love to you and your family. Pat&Mag

John & Trina said...

Okay, know that everyone that reads your blog(which is 1/2 the world)is now going to be staring at your butt! You ,if anyone deserves a brand-new, expensive pair of good looking jeans.Way to go! Loveya, J and T

Anonymous said...

Angie, dear sister, I´m so happy for you. You can´t imagine. Like we (mexicans) say: "SI SE PUEDE" Eres una triunfadora de la vida. Sigue luchando. Vas por buen camino y primero Dios todo va a seguir mejor. Besos y abrazos de Adolfo, my kids, Gaby, Gracie, Chela y Luis. Besos a Grant, kids, Keith & Sharon. Love you a lot.

Anonymous said...

I think that Pat & Maggie are on to about we start a new line of ultra-trendy jeans. We'll call them "Master Jeans" (say master slow and drawn out and you'll get it...). Our tag line will be "I am the captain of my soul" and the back pocket will have a beautifully done brown ribbon in sequins. Obviously I still haven't gotten over the fact that my brown ribbon idea was already taken!

Then, obviously, you will need to write a book. Then, even more obviously, you will be invited to be on the Oprah show~ we know she loves books and jeans! You will be able to show off that beautiful you-know-what of yours on national TV.

Oprah will love you so much you will become her new "advisor." You will hestitate briefly when she offers you the job and then you'll remember that great advice you got years ago from a friend: "Why shouldn't it be me?"

And who would of thought that it all came down to poop and one amazing, strong, sassy, and courageous woman named Angela. (Give me long enough and I'll be able to make a butt or poop analogy for you name....)

All silliness aside,what I really wanted to write is that my life has been enriched by you now, in the past, and always, I know, into the future.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you are happy that I am crying!!! Before you know it, your closet will be filled with "good news" jeans and clothing and we will look back at these times and be grateful for all the care, medicine and love that surrounds you. Your positive outlook is going to be key in the defeat of the beast. Can't wait to see your ass in those jeans! Mom, Laura, and Alex send their love and continue to pray for you. Love you, Lizette.

Ellie said...

I just found your blog... from your response on Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Cancer blog. I love this post!!! Can't wait to read the rest.

Though I do not cancer, I have a life threatening chronic illness so in my own way, can appreciate the struggle to find the good! If you ever feel like a read... my blog is:

wishing you the best of health! -ellie