Thursday, August 2, 2007

I woke up this morning.....

and it didn't seem like a bad dream anymore. Everyday I have woken up since diagnosis I have asked myself, "Is this really real?" and then I answer myself, "Yep, butt cancer. Fun times." Then, I go along my day trying to live WITH cancer, rather than against it, for it, about it, etc. My projects, outside of scrapbooking, have fallen to the side, my garage is a MESS, my study is piling up with papers, etc. This morning it was different. This morning I woke up, checked the sunrise, smelled behind my boys ears, and when I asked myself the question, "Is this really real?" I answered the same, but this time I answered, "Yep, butt cancer, but I got CRAP to do." Pun not intended, but it is ironic how much the average person (even one without butt cancer) refers to poop. Anyway, I am now in my study, plowing through my inbox, organizing my piles of projects, recycling, tossing, and making tidy what once was a power house of a room. A little part of me is back this morning. I missed it. Have a great day, Ang


Anonymous said...


I knew that your stamina would get you through this. Am so Happy to hear the good report and the tumor is shrinking.
Keep up the good work.

Peggy Smith

John & Trina said...

Great! Doesn't it feel great to be doing your own organizing "stuff" ?by the way...we'll be over with our camping chairs and our Dr. Pepper( or maybe a Mike's) to watch the garage show! Loveya, Manca J T

Unknown said...

Dear Angie, How wonderful you have reclaimed a little of your life. Clearing clutter in your mind and your desk. I remember cleaning mine and only putting on it what meant love and made me smile. How similar all our experiences are going through this time. Love Elaine