Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The plan is set...

All of my docs decided that we going to do ablation surgery.  There was some discussion about if we should do such an invasive procedure but the final word was, "...she is healthy and we can do this now, so we will.."  Invasive?  Really?  I have had both of my lungs (at different times, of course) taken out, cut, stitched, cauterized, stapled, and then put back in.  Invasive is not impaling you with a 14 gauge needle to put in a very hot probe and burn something out.  That is like a walk in the park.  HOWEVER, I will say this ablation surgery will be more complicated than the previous and on the list of things that could happen are: burn a hole in my bronchial tube and/or burn my lung resulting in temporary pleurisy.  Both are either corrected by surgery or good ol' healing.  When I was asked if I had any questions, I said, "Is death on the side effects list?"  "Probably not, but...."  So, "no".  COOL, LET'S DO IT!  I check in Friday at 8am for a 10am procedure.  Karissa is going to take me, I spend the night in the hospital (hopefully not the slip and fall wing again - note to self - take ear plugs!), and Mom will take me home after a clean chest x-ray on Saturday morning.

And with the crisp nights, rain, and Canadian Thanksgiving quickly approaching, I am reminded that it is my anniversary.  Nineteen years and counting (again).  I mean that in a good way - I am actually looking forward despite my surgery, my stats, my diagnosis 6 and a half years ago.  So, bring it ablation...you got nothing on me.  Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!  Love, Ang


Vicki Olafson said...

Your strength, positive attitude, determination, stubbornness and faith will get you through this albation thingamajig and on to a blissful Canadian Thanksiving/Anniversary celebration.
Love ya, sending prayers and virtual hugs. What do you need? Anything? I'll do it!!
Love ya

Norma said...

Feliz aniversario querida amiga. Besos y abrazos.

Anonymous said...

Go kick some ablation!

Take care my dear!

Junior & Buddy said...

How are you doing today? Your strength is fierce and you will continue to defeat the invader...te quiero mucho.