Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ahhhhh....nerve blockers......

So, pain during the weekend was bit better and Monday I saw the doctor that did my ablation procedure.  He was like, "You had some excitement on Friday.  Why didn't you page me?"  I explained that my phone was dead and I had also lost his pager number. He gave it to me again.  I said also, "You know you were off on Friday."  I do not know why I say these things.  These are futile arguments when you deal with Docs that are so committed to their patients.  I got the look.  It said, "I told you you can page me whenever you need to, so cut it."  Remember, it was just a look, but I still said, "Okay, okay, I am sorry.  You are in my special doctor location in my wallet now.  I will page you."  He responded with, "You did the right thing to come in."  I nod.  He examined me and said, "Well, I am not surprised at this, but I am a little confused on why it did not happen immediately after the procedure."  He went on to tell me how fast nerves heal (they don't), what I can expect, and what we can do for pain management.  "There is this drug that is a nerve blocker.  It will help with the pain, but the numbness will be there for a while.  It has been very successful with Herpes patients."  I was fine until Herpes.  I look at him like, "Am I supposed to be able to relate to that, and how do you know that?!?!?"  WHATEVER.  They work and I am back in the saddle.  So much so, I delivered 1300 products yesterday for the fundraiser.  Don't worry I am resting today with my Herpes medicine.  Happy Wednesday!  Ang


Anonymous said...

You crack me up :)

Love & laughter,

Junior & Buddy said...

I am glad you found relief(didn't know herpes required pain meds)!!! Feel better and rest up!

Love you lots,

Javier Arellano said...

Dear Angela, this is Javier from San Juan del Rio, Mexico. I love reading about you, I am learning a lot, I admire your strength (fortaleza). Greetings full of blessings to you, your family and your Mom. Once in a while, do please, write more about your MOM, my Dear Sharon. And greetings too for your DAD, Keith Clarno. Bye