Thursday, October 1, 2009

Not goin' to Nationals...

Well, Mason did quite make it to the finals at the Puyallup Fair. Don't get me wrong, we went and we suited up. Karissa's family was there. Grandpa came. Mason waited in line. They started late. And then, right before we "saddled up", he started sobbing. He said he couldn't do it - SOBBING. I didn't know what happened, but since there were so many riders we only had that one shot. He wanted to go back as soon as we left, but they were well past Mason and, again, he couldn't have a second chance. My heart broke for him. I wondered if I did anything. Did I push him? Did I hurt him? I asked him, but he didn't give me much of an answer. I chalked it up to being "4". We got some cotton candy with Karissa and her kids. We rode the ferris wheel. While I tried to fight it off, I still "needed" to know what went wrong. It was dark and the rides were all lit up. I crouched down and asked him one more time. He said, "You didn't do anything. I need to do it again when I am five. When will I be five?" "December. After Halloween and American Thanksgiving." I responded. "You know Mason, you could go to Nationals if you wanted to do it again this year." I told him. He asked, "Will I be five?" I said, "No." He looked a little peeved and said, "I'm not doing it again until I am FIVE!" O-K-A-Y. Maybe I did push. Okay, I did because I did think about having his birthday next weekend to say he is five and then go to National on the 18th, but I stopped myself and said, "Yep...that was the "crossing the line" line WAAAAAYYY back there......" Oh well, there is always next year! Happy Thursday, Ang


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mason picked up on the enthusiasim of the adults and was afraid to fail. Not fail to ride the mutton chop but fail to please the person he loves most in the whole world, you. He will achieve his triumphs in due time but for right now he is a 4 year old.
love pat&mag

auntie jane said...

When our Grant was about that age...he started in a very "mini mites" hockey league. It was a bit too much for him. When it was playing around at was good and he was the happiest skater on the ice. When it was game time (you know, when they are all shooting at the wrong goal) he would disintegrate into a clingy pile of sad little boy that could not describe what was making him anxious.

Big situations can sometimes make little guys, with big hearts, feel little.

Mason is already two steps ahead of life's game. He has tapped into the ancient greek philosophy "Know Thyself". He knows that at five..he will be ready.

Moral of my story.. Grant has played hockey for years...Mason will be back bustin a mutton and much, much more.
Love Jane