Tuesday, December 9, 2008

To ease your mind...

Since I have received so many emails and comments, I thought I should all let you know.....I don't use the computer by the bathtub anymore. Just so you know, I have cancer so electrocution (sp) is really not looking as bad as it once did. I used examples in my apparent "tongue lashing" post. No contractor screwed me. My friends didn't leave me high and dry - these were EXAMPLES OF LIFE, not specific to me. I stay in bed at 3am or watch TV since nobody likes me posts at 3am. I do rest. Nolan is back to normal, happy, no rash, and helped me make Turkey Pot Pie this morning. Yes, the freezer is still full. I will get the help calendar back up when it is not. And, no, I do not smell egg nog anymore. CT scan results tomorrow at 1:40 which actually mean around 2:45. Since I am "healthy", I can easily get pushed for the fast tracked patients (which I totally appreciate since I was one of those at one time). Happy Tuesday, Ang

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Jamie said...

Hi Angela,

I too am a reader via Danielle's blog via Jen Booth. I too dread the time between scan and results. I am an ovarian cancer survivor of one awesome year! I have read every post and have felt every emotion you are going through. I very much hope and pray that you have an all clear scan so you have much merriment during the holiday season. You are an inspiration and I have really enjoyed "getting to know you" via your wonderfully written posts. My thoughts will be with you tomorrow and I can't wait to read the good news!