Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mason's Birthday

Mason's Birthday was on Tuesday. There was a little celebration at his school, but we played it down for the most part. His party was scheduled for today, Sunday, so we focused on that. Luckily, he is four and had no idea. The beauty of being four. I worked really hard this week at being well for the party. I was teasing the piranha a bit with the party being the first Sunday after chemo, but I thought I could do it. Well, we did it, but here is a picture into our world. Mason and Nolan came home Friday night after daycare. Nolan had been under the weather at my parents earlier but, we believed that he was on the mend. When I saw him I thought, "Something is not right." Friday night was normal. I was taxed, but we were able to get dinner on the table, take bathes, and get the kids to bed. At midnight, I woke up coughing. I have been fighting a cold for a while now and, with chemo, it is slow to go away. From 12 to 2 I was up with the cough, and just as I thought I was going to be able to go to sleep, Nolan woke up and I mean WOKE UP. There was no going back, so I took him downstairs for a little while and thought he would tire and would return to sleep. Well, after two hours, I put him to bed. He cried, but went to sleep. I finally went back to bed. In the middle of the ordeal, Grant offered help, but I told him to sleep. I needed him for Saturday so that we could pull off the party. Wow, did I call that one.....but I am jumping ahead. Saturday morning Nolan was a pistol. I thought it may be that he got off schedule and thought if Grant took him to Fred Meyer that would entertain him and keep him up to get him back on schedule. Why was Grant going to Fred Meyer? Well, my recipe didn't work the same this time, so I had an episode Saturday morning which caused me to need to take Milk of Magnesia which in turn caused me to go from the bathroom, to the bathtub, to the bed. At one point, I got so tired, I just stopped dressing and rotated naked between the three. Yeah, for some, that may be sexy, except this wasn't. In fact, it included barfing egg nog latte through my nose because I was trying not to barf because I was already on the toilet. Let's just say there was a lot of laundry that day. Too much information??? Yeah, well, if you can't handle that, don't read my earlier posts! Anyhoo, as I was working through my episode constantly smelling egg nog latte, I had Grant go to Fred Meyer, pick up the cake at the bakery, and take Mason to a friend's birthday party. It was busy, but then......while Grant was at the party with Mason, Nolan woke up from his nap and that is when I called the doc. We could get him in at 2:20. It was 1:45. No time to lose. I called Grant and had him pass the phone to Sarah (birthday party mom and the help calendar gal). I asked if she could bring Mason home, she said yes, passed the phone back, I told Grant to leave, come back, get Nolan and get to the doctor's office ASAP. Something was wrong with Nolan and they closed at 3:00. At this point, Grant stopped asking questions, stopped being my husband, and just followed orders. I am naked, barking on the phone, and smelling egg nog - still. I mean really how do you get that out of your nose?!?!?! Grant got home, took Nolan, I told him to call me when he got to Valley and I would talk him to the office. He did, and, despite one floor miscalculation, we got him there by 2:30. Luckily, it was just an ear infection. I am back in the bath tub starting to feel like I am coming out of it and I can only smell nutmeg. Mason, not only got to stay at the party, he was taken to Sarah's house after to the party to play with the group and did not return until 5pm which gave Grant and I time to get the Rx and take care of out little one. THANK YOU SARAH! Kidnapping has never been so appreciated. So, by 5pm, I am at least clothed but I am sure I looked like I have been through WWII. We feed the boys. Nolan is not happy, and looking at us like, "Finally figured it out, eh???" We put them to bed early. Grant and I, by the end of the day, had shared some not so great words, good words, truthful words, and finally resigning words of triumph for just getting through the day. We spent 40 mins prepping for the party, watched a program and I headed up for bed. Grant had gotten me some cough syrup which I happily took and crawled in bed. I couldn't quite go to sleep until I heard him come upstairs and enter our bedroom. The man that wanted to strangle earlier was the final component for my rest. In fact, I don't even remember him shutting the door. We all slept and, even though we had to cover Nolan up a couple times, he slept through the night. So, how was Mason's birthday???? PERFECT. It went without a hitch. The My Gym in Covington was AWESOME!!! THANK YOU AMANDA, JULIE AND EMILY! The food turned out good, the cake was almost gone and everyone, I think, had a great time. I even danced a little with one of my best buds Ben (he is four in a couple weeks). Grant doesn't dance so I am a bit desperate. Here is a funny bit.....Mason is hilarious!!! At the end of the party, Julie (leader of the party) had Mason get up and say, "There is some good news and bad news." So, he does. Then, she says in his ear, "The bad news is the party is over.", but Mason says to the group, "The bad news is my Grandpa hit me in the knee!" and cowers like a wounded animal. (If you have ever seen him do that wounded animal thing - I seriously don't know where he go it cause me and mine don't do that - EVER.) Anyway, my Dad, who is almost deaf, counters from across the room with, "That was three days ago and it wasn't that bad." (Don't we look great to CPS workers?!?!?!) Luckily, everyone took it well, fell out laughing, and we moved to the good news which was party bags for everyone!!! We were all exhausted after it was over and everyone rested. I didn't sleep this afternoon. Nolan now has a rash on his tummy and back with the docs think is from fighting the virus. So, I am resting in our room with Nolan in the pack and play next to the bed. I just want to hear him breathe. Make sure he is okay until the antibiotics kick in. He was a trouper today for his brother's birthday and just want him to be okay. So, the weekend ended well just as it should. Thank you to everyone that helped make it so....Happy Birthday my boy - I love you - Mom


Anonymous said...

Hi Ang,
You turned me on to egg nog latte and now you have turned me off of them - don't worry they weren't my favorite anyway! I'm glad Mason's birthday turned out great in the end and hope that you are all feeling better this week! Take care!

Anonymous said...

This post is one of my favorites ever. It so clearly illustrates two of the qualities I most admire in you: your clearheadedness and optimism in the face of anything. This week, after the scan that will bring good news, I hope that you can get a LOT of rest. You most certainly have earned it.
Love you!