Sunday, November 2, 2008

A shockingly normal weekend....

Friday - I ran errands. The weather was awful, but the pops of bright yellow made it beautiful. I had to do my hair three times because of the dampness and all I could think of was the "Friends" episode where Monica was in the Bahama's and saying, "IT'S THE HUMIDITY!" Friday night, my parents came over for dinner and Grant sent me around the neighborhood with the kids. It was so fun. All the great costumes and kids wandering around the neighborhood. I saw a police man, voting box, chair, a lot of princesses, ninjas, and batman! There were lots more, but I can't remember them all - I am on chemo! Nolan didn't quite know what was going on until the second house.....knock, say something that I don't understand, get candy, have mom insist on me saying thank you, leave, go to next house......get candy....get candy. Yeah, he was out of control. Mason knew the drill and was going hard until the scary house. Then, he started to lose it. We were able to keep going until the next scary house and then, "I WANT TO GO HOME NNNNNOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!" I don't scare easily so I started asking if he was sure and he replied with, "YYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!" My Mom was arguing in his defense. So, I gave in. It was late and they had PLENTY of candy. I was a little concerned that we didn't get around the entire neighborhood. Call me competitive!!! So we headed home, Mason was holding my Mom's hand and saying, "We are going home. They are trick or treating, but I am going home!" We got home and Nolan didn't need any help opening up and eating candy. By the time I got to him, he was double fisting it and had something else open on the table. He is shockingly quick at times, but only to things that please him. Mason was happy opening up the door and giving tons of our candy away. We do that. We are the cool house. I always wanted to be the cool house - not the scary, but the cool house. My parents stole some candy - they asked first - and they went home. We answered the door for a bit longer, blew out the candles in the jack o lanterns, turned off the porch light, threw the boys in bed, and collapsed. Saturday morning was challenging because our children were a mess and I was off to scrapbooking at 1:00. The boys napped well and got a final chance to dress up one more time for a neighbor that was out of town on the 31st. So, they happily dressed up and went to one very unscary house!!! I had so much fun at scrapbooking. My cousin and I were on fire. We were laughing so hard we were crying. She cracks me up. A lot of my friends were there, and I was my normal self. Really, the most normal since treatment began. I saw an old coworker and everything. It was amazingly fun and I got a lot done. I only thing different for me was I was the first to leave - I just can't go for 11 hours anymore. Sunday morning started very early because the kids were screwed up with the fall back thing. But today, we are just hangin' out.....having fun....napping.....being normal. How beautiful that is. Tuesday I am back in chemo. I am sure I will do it this time. I am back. I got Halloween and scrapbooking - couldn't ask for more. Happy Sunday, Ang


Anonymous said...

So glad you had a "shockingly normal" weekend. It sounded like a hoot.

Your Mason trick-or-treating story was hilarious. I remember those days so well with Grant "Safety Man". Halloween still tests the "kid" boundaries between reality and fantasy.

Glad you got your batteries recharged with some holiday voltage, for the next chemo round.

I am all a twitter over seeing you and the guys over Thanksgiving. Warm up those jet engines...I'm comin. Love Jane

Anonymous said...

As Jackie Gleason used to say "How Sweet It Is!". "Shockingly normal"
is good, as your Auntie Jayne said you needed to re-charge your batteries. It is great to see all that positive enthusiasim back.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you progress. love pat&mag.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ang. I'm so glad you were able to enjoy Halloween! I hope you took lots of pictures of the boys! Best wishes in your next round. I hope it will pass quickly. Hang in there!

Love, Maria B.

Anonymous said...

Ang, I'm so glad you had such a wonderfully "normal" weekend. I loved hearing about your Halloween. Especially the "big" hair. I totally remember that episode of friends with Monica playing ping pong and her hair getting bigger and bigger. You could have just put a baseball cap on like her:-) Kids and Halloween are always great!!! They just love the candy!! Wait 'til Mason and Nolan start hiding it. I just found a stash of my sons candy in the bathroom cupboard!! It was a great hiding place but he kept leaving the evidence of wrappers on the bathroom floor. Needless to say, it got confiscated. So you may need to thoroughly check Nolan's room, he seemed to like it the most.
I'm so glad you had fun scrapbooking too!! Just what you needed!
By now you've had your next chemo and are recovering. You've been in my thoughts and prayers. The good days are coming soon!
You are an encouragement to all of us!!!
Your unmet friend

Anonymous said...

Love you, sweetie. Wish I could be there to hold your hand on bad days and tell corny jokes. Or have you roll your eyes at me at all other times. Just know we're all thinking of you. Devon talked about you at dinner yesterday. She abruptly announced, "Angie! Mama, that's your friend that you love. How is she feeling today? Is she still sick?" And I responded that you were working hard to feel better and get better every day. And that you had a good Halloween with the boys and that she would see you & the boys before too long, etc. She knows you from photos and stories that I tell (not from our Boston baby visit--for God's sake, she's smart, but not THAT smart). It ain't the same as in the flesh, but it'll do. Love you bunches, and I'm thinking of you always. (And I'm on board this weekend, so email away.)

Laurita, editor at your service