Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Tonight I came home from my candle party. I say mine, because it is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. I am blessed to have it at an amazing house, with amazing food, with amazing friends, and the most amazing candle lady. So, after my amazing night with my amazing friends, I come home and unwind a bit. I think back on the evening. I reflect on the people I saw, the conversations, the shopping, the connections, the history, the laughter, and I think wow....wow. I go to my fridge, get my chicken salad out (from the party that was packed up for me in gladware), sit on my counter, eat it, and think, "I wouldn't trade my life with anybody - and I have cancer." Wow. Off to bed, Ang


Anonymous said...

Hi Ang,

I was thinking about you tonight. My daughter, Camryn conned me into buying the large tub of Toll House cookie dough from Costco. We opened it up tonight with the intention of making cookies but instead started eating the dough straight out of the container. Right in the middle of a large spoonful, I had a flashback of the two of us sitting on your couch eating cookie dough while watching our favorite soap opera. I told Camryn about our afternoon ritual which led to a long discussion of why I could watch TV after school while she can't. Sigh.... Thanks for the memory. It made my day! I hope you start feeling better soon and I'm really looking forward to seeing you in March.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes we don't write because we can't add to the thoughts and feelings that you express so beautifully. But all of us read and follow and are content to feel your joy and pleasure at the marvelous journey you are traveling on. Be happy!
love to all, pat&mag

Anonymous said...

You really do lift us up. Here's hoping that the journey gets easier from here on out, you brave lass. We love to hear from you, though, whether you're telling us about a party or about your chemo. And speaking of that party, I wonder how many candles you have stashed in the coffee-table drawer now? I imagine you've lost count, too, or have commissioned a special closet just for your candles . . . Keep that chin up, as I know you do.
Love you love you love you --