Friday, August 22, 2008

It's cancer.

I start chemo the week of the 8th. I am not sure of my feelings right now other than this is a big huge inconvenience. I am grateful that I can wait to start treatment so that I can be there for Mason and Nolan's first day of school. I am grateful that it gave me five months off and that I did so much in those months. I am grateful to live here with great care, great insurance, and a great support network, but I am still sad that I have to put everyone through it. Big sigh, Ang


Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting us know what has to be difficult news. You are in my prayers. Stay strong.

Jill said...

I can't believe it.

Tell us how we can help. We're all here to get you through it again. You kicked it's ass before. You'll do it again. I'm sorry you have to show it who's boss again though...

Anonymous said...

Tell Sarah it is time to activate the "operatives" and rouse them to their tasks. Mag and I want to make some more of our bland food, but take heart Mag has acquired some great new recipies and we need to share them. Take strength from your friends's love, and perservere. love, pat&mag

Anonymous said...

Angie, you are in our prayers! I would love to help with anything you need help with, so just let me know!


Anonymous said...

I can see you in my mind's eye. You are sitting peacefully on a large rock. Your eyes are closed, your face is calm and you breathe in the warm mist created as the spring water meets the crisp night air. You are bathed in stillness. Serenity abounds.

May the felt-sense of this memory (that we both share) help you clear a space...a space to be fully present.

When you are ready you will know what you feel. Give yourself time. The rest of us will wait for you.

I am holding you close, my friend. In my heart and in my thoughts.

Tomi said...

Looks like I am going to have to bust out the super ninja powered white light and send it your way..... seriously.
I can only tell you if I had one wish I would use it to destroy cancer. I will start cooking, and if you want to watch some silly comedy sometime, I am your chick!
Angie, you are the strongest woman I know. If you need help staying that way there are so many of us around you you can lean on.