Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A very long day with a big surprise

I checked in at 1:50, got hooked up at 2:20, saw the oncologist at 3:30, and started treatment at about 4:30. I left at 8:30, helped an old couple return a wheelchair, and got dropped off by Elaine at 9:30. I listened to "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" by Pat Benatar between appointments to keep my focus and deal with my anger from the paper that morning. It helped, so did the other songs. I am sure I provided a certain amount of entertainment when I started dancing on the balcony outside of the treatment center. Needless to say, I was tired and a little hungry when I finally got home. This all would have been much worse if I hadn't gotten the news that I did. When I entered my oncologist's office my big question was, "Can I go to the Dentist?" You have to clear EVERYTHING through them. When he entered Elaine was telling me a story with full body description. She is the BEST story teller. Dr. Kaplan said, "I can come back if you need to finish." We all laughed and he sat down. As he sat down he said with his hand showing me the number zero, "You are normal." I was like, "WHAAAA?" He went on to explain that he got the PET results and there is no cancer in my rectum." Again, I responded with the eloquent, "WHAAAA? How can that be?" He said, "I don't know - you are just doing really well. We still have more to do because the CAT scan shows tiny nodules that we should deal with." I smiled charmingly, "So, I still have to do the rectal exams with the Radiation Oncologist and the Surgeon on Friday?????" He smiled and said, "Yes, but I won't make you do one with me today." BONUS. So, if I was just a Joe Blow person getting a PET scan I would not register as having cancer in my rectum. However, the cancer is still in my lungs. Now some people have been confused, so let me explain. I have colon rectal cancer. It started as a tumor in my rectum that went through the rectal wall to my lymph nods and spread to my lungs. I do not have lung cancer. Now, there was a new development that is not of too much concern because I have been living with it for a while. There was a little activity in my goiter on my thyroid, so we will be ultra sounding that and watching it closely. Kaplan said, "We may have to take that out, but we can deal with that later and see how it does." I defiantly have my opinions about that one, but not to deal with today. Today I rejoice in having a cancer free butt. I guess I can't say that I have butt cancer anymore - what a bummer!!!! What do I say now? Lung butt cancer? That doesn't roll of the tongue. Have a great day! I am going to the Dentist with my cancer wand one -I got cleared to go! Love, Ang


Anonymous said...

Butt cancer free in record time - I expected no less from you - way to go!

Here's to your ongoing healing and 100% health - keep the positive energy flowing and keep nurturing yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

HOLY CRAP! Congratulations!

What an incredible day!

Anne Marie

Anonymous said...

>insert thrilled computer chair celebration boogey here<

That's just great Ms. Ang!
Yet another step in a road that leads to better and better and better things.
>virtual high fives<

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Angela you done good keep it up!!!!!!!!!

Auntie Jane Hainsworth said...

Brain Power (Dr. Kaplan and Swedish team), Guts (Angie and her family), and Glory (for all of us to share)....now go for the finish line. Go girl! Love Jane

leslie kendall said...

WOW!!!!!!! I am so happy! Great "butt" news and the dentist all in one day - I too share your love of going to the dentist and only wish I could go monthly.
I agree with Grant - you are hot stuff!

Jill said...

great news!!!!

Grace said...

HOLY SHIT! Seriously....it must have some god-like powers and it zapped the cancer on its way through.

This is fabulous...stellar...rockin'...un-f-ing believable!

Since I just read your last 5 posts all at once I am now exhausted from being pissed off about the cancer story to jubilant at this news.

I need a nap. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news.

Now for that special word that you like:
Shopping Shopping Shopping

For another pair of sexy jeans!!!!

Love to you all

charlene gorman said...

Angela: That is the most wonderful news!!! Well, so much for the Seattle Times article. I know that is the best Anniversary present ever. By the way, Happy Anniversary to you both. This time for sure the number 13 is a lucky number. My Mom always considered 13 her lucky number. For special people it is!! Your faith and attitude, all the loving support you have, will soon put this all behind you. I, too, believe you need to write a book to inspire other young people with yur story. Hope to see you during the holidays. Charlene G.

Anonymous said...

Prayer changes things! Hooray! Speaking for probably so many, I knew you were going to beat this thing. God heard our prayers and He reigns.

Love you bunches, Diane

Vivian Kerr said...

Hi Angie,
Remember the TICTACS??? Soccer??
This is Vivian Kerr....Oh my gosh what Beautiful Boys!!!
You are in my thoughts.
Love, Vivian

Anonymous said...

wow. i'm speechless.

awesome, awesome, amazing news.

Anonymous said...

No ifs, ands, or butts about it...you are a star! ;-) Time now to kick some lung butt!

Anonymous said...

Oh Angie I'm so happy for you. Great great news. Helen