Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Okay, here are more details from yesterday

So, in addition to what I learned yesterday, the real mystery will be in the monitoring the heck out of me part. I will have PET scans, CT scans, and yes, I will get a rectal EVERY month. Fun! Obviously, there are being cautious and rightfully so, but the outlook is still very positive. There is, of course, a chance for surgery on the lungs and the rectum if things to not continue to be stable after chemo. Such is life living with cancer. Note the key words of "living" and "cancer". BUT THAT LEADS ME TO, I think (since I wont be pooping in a bag like tomorrow) it is time for that new set of kick ass jeans! I was holding off because 1) I went a little nuts at the CAbi party and ended up with three pairs of new pants - all long enough and butt worthy! and 2) I didn't know if I could wear butt worthy jeans with a poop bag. So, I will be going back to Jackie in TBD and saying, "Hey, I am BACK!!!!" It should be a hoot. Maybe Friday, I will call and check her schedule. It has to be Jackie! So, elated with my news, excited for the future, and happy as a clam, I am checking plane flights to North Carolina for June to see my sister-in-law and go the beach house. Something we planned last summer in spite of my diagnosis. Last note.....a story about Mason. Last weekend, we got a sitter (Sarah Larsen, of course) for Nolan and went to my girlfriends famous pumpkin carving party. A little dangerous - lots of kids and knives.....oh well, what is life without danger! When we were leaving, Grant said to Mason, "Do you want to go on the freeway or through the hood?" He replied strongly, "Through the hood Daddy!" Daddy replied with, "So, you want to see some drug deals?" Mason exclaimed to me, "Mommy!!!! We are going to see drug deals!" Okay, we shouldn't have laughed, but we were and Grant was laughing so hard he couldn't even start the car. We went through the hood and only saw a fatality car accident - darn! Then, on the next day, Mason went to he ice rink for the first time and after we were done he said, "Daddy, I was to go up there (upstairs)." Daddy replied, "Mason that is the Bar." (It is a restaurant too, but you know, Grant is Canadian.) I just looked at Grant like, "You IDIOT!" And, on cue, Mason jumped up and down saying, "Daddy, I want to go the BAR! I want to go to the BAR!" Grant, of course, laughed and all I could think is he would be going into Preschool saying something like, "We drove through the hood, saw drug deals, and then went to the bar!" G-R-E-A-T. If this doesn't get us kicked out of Christan Preschool, what will?!?!?!?! Have a great day, I will. Ang


Charlene Waymire said...

It never ceases to amaze me at what kids pick up/retain and feel free to speak out about. A couple of weeks ago, Miss B out of the blue announces that she is going to be a big sister. You can imagine my shock because 1) it just isn't happening right now and 2) we've never talked to her about being a big sister. So of course, I had to quickly tell her not to tell Grandma that news. I think Grandma would be more than ecstatic if she heard that one.

And then to share a story that I read on my parenting board yesterday. This family went to a high school homecoming game this past weekend. During halftime, they were presenting the royal court, when one of hte boys from the school decided to race across the field in nothing but a "banana hammock". The next day, the mother and daughter went out and about and shopping with Grandma. Well apparently, the daughter repeatedly spoke about the "banana hammock".

Oh the things kid say - and how can you not do anything but laugh.

Anonymous said...

Clearly I gotta hang out with Grant more....


John & Trina said...

Hey Bud, Great news from distinguished butt council.It was nice to hear all the laughter coming from the house on Sunday. I asked Trina what was so funny and all she could say was that Angie was in good form at the stamp party.I'm off tomorrow if you run into any trouble getting unhooked. Looking forward to Manson Thurs. night. Love ya, John

John & Trina said...

Oops! who the heck is Manson? Mason

Anonymous said...

John should not feel bad, the other day I spent the afternoon calling Nolan, Mason. Angie was too polite to correct me, probably thought anyone my age is lucky to remember his own name, thanks Ang.

Anonymous said...

You have had to deal with so much. Roller coaster kind of stuff...big emotions up and down, up and down, up and down.

Please remember to take it S-L-O-W and E-A-S-Y....REST is still a BIG part of the equation. I don't see that anywhere in the plan!

I don't want to have to kick that precious butt of yours.

I think you need to go shop for those jeans...slow and easy shopping is always therapeutic :-)

Are you still taking time to sit in your special place?

Repeat after me...REST IS GOOD!!!!

Unknown said...

When Alandra was younger, we sometimes had a hard time getting her to drink milk, so my sister decided that they could do "shots" Last summer she even bought Alandra her own shot glass. Well at some point Eleanor wanted to do shots too and Alandra said "No you have to be 2 before you can do shots!" I figure if my family keeps hanging around I'm going to have social services at my door.