Thursday, October 4, 2007


October is my favorite month of the year. I married Grant in October. Both of our parents were married in October. Canadian Thanksgiving is in October and, of course, Halloween. When I was scheduling all my chemo appointments I saw that Halloween falls on my chemo week. The day I can't be with my kids. I didn't cry, but I was mad. Halloween without seeing Mason dressed up, no trick or treating, no fun. But then I thought, KARISSA! They have a great neighborhood for trick or treating. Mason knows them so well, for sure he will have fun. So, with one email it was set up. My Dad will take Mason to their neighborhood for trick or treating. Karissa said yes without hesitation even though we are butting into their family affair. They will have pizza, trick or treat, Mason will get bossed around by little Grace (Karissa's daughter), and all will be perfect in the world. Of course, I will not be there with him (little Grace is a great stand in), but I will have all the stories to hear the next day...and what stories they will be. How lucky we are to have such friends - how truly lucky. So, back to the laundry, my boys come home today, and I all I want is to smell behind their ears. Have a great day, Ang


Jill said...

I bet if you talked to 2 or 3 of your neighbors, you could do another night of trick or treating when he gets back home. Then you can see him do it too!

Anonymous said...

My dad and his sister used to always go trick or treating a few days early. When the neighbors would say that Halloween was not for a couple more days and ask them what they were doing, they would say "Just practicing!" Heard it worked every time. I agree with Jill, I'm sure that you can work out a way to see and hear him say "trick or treat!" at a few houses.

leslie kendall said...

Funny how things work out.....I will be in San Francisco for a business trip October 30 and 31 - and my first thought was bummer - I won't be home for the trick or treaters (that's why I bought a house). Soooo...I am thinking we can help each other out by postponing Halloween! I am sure the Manca's will be in and Carmen and Henry.....just let me know what day works for you and we will officially move Halloween!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if it is still the practice but my children loved to carve the pumpkin for Jack O'Lanterns. My youngest boy carved them until he was 15 and his fervor for the task was most nostalgic. His friends made fun of him but he found his place in life, he went to law school and became a Lawyer. The important thing is he still remembers our shared experience carving the pumpkin, and the memory brings a smile to his face. Just a thought.
Love to all, pat&mag