Sunday, December 11, 2016

Life happens....

So, I have not posted in a while and I am fine, but life is, well, kicking my butt a little.  Thanksgiving was amazing.  All seemed good.  We made plans with our friends to go to celebrate and their new place in Squim next year - how do you spell that?!??  Our friends are retiring....fork, we are getting old.....  We went to Vancouver to see friends I had not seen in YEARS!  We went to the Fly Over Canada and we went to the German Christmas Market.  We just enjoyed the season.  They cooked AMAZING meals for us and the girls gave up their rooms for us.  The boys had a blast and love the new addition to the family.  I was in love/conflict with the cat all weekend, but that is normal.  Nolan had an allergic reaction to something as we left Vancouver.  We assume sesame seeds.  He was home the next day and at the doctor's office.  "Is this something I need to gradually go back to school with, like 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours....."  The Doctor looked and me and I said, "He was adopted.....I mean frozen." with a roll of the eyes. Then, Mason's 12th birthday on the 2nd.  We went to tea with Grandma.  What a treat, but for me, it was two days with kids home and I think there was a late start in there too! Mason's birthday was the 3rd and he had a great time, but he didn't get a piece of his birthday cake which he picked out, I freaked out because of the cost,  learned to bake and made.  So, I made another one on Sunday, the 4th.  He was sick on the 5th.  Grant went to the dentist for a filling on the 6th which he requires Valium and I have to drive him there and back.  Then, I have to have a conversation with him about how we are not going to work by car, train, etc.  Then he zones out, gets sleepy, I take all the car keys, and continue on my day.  Wednesday I go to my parents.....enough said.  Thursday Grant decides that he is going to go back to Toronto to see his Mom.  She had a fall and has not broken anything, but is struggling a bit with the meds and exercise.  Friday is normal but Mason's teacher has given notice and left.  He is now being taught by two e-cert subs.  BTW - Those are not Certified teachers, they are Emergency Certified teachers which means I could do it.  Talk to principal.  Have parents concerned.  Trying to get a unified effort that is PC to go through, but not PC enough to NOT be heard.  I drop Grant at the airport today.  We have the same tone as when we have had all our horrible strong, but kind.....she is not leaving the house, so solutions have to be in the house.......only cry twice, so pick strong.......I love you.  The boys had a sleep over with their friends last night which was great because I got Grant out the door with a good night's sleep.  I then did stuff around the house this morning and went to lunch with them (I know, they take my kids, take them to church, and then feed me lunch....I didn't say I was a good friend), I took Mason to Hobbytown which he bought with his own money a racer drone.  MY FAVORITE.  We came home, started laundry, watched the Seahawks in horror, and I found myself watching Nolan more than anything.  He had seen the combat green figures at the Hobby store, along with the cowboys and Indians.  I bought them YEARS ago and I take them on trips. They are cheap, and classic.  He played in front of the TV with them for the ENTIRE Seahawks game.  His sound effects are amazing.  Semi automatic weapons were used on and by the Indians - FYI.  I loved watching him. I pray for my Mother in law.  I am removing all the distractions and just focusing on my family now.  Life happens.

Love, Ang

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