Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I am fine.

So yesterday, March 21st I had a scan at 3:35.  Check in at 2:20.  I don't usually like afternoon appointments, but I took this one because I wanted it done before Spring Break.  I was distracted all weekend.  Tyrus, my Brother in Law or "husband to Jane", arrived for a visit in between his ski days.  My Aunt spent the night unexpectedly on Saturday, but then it was SCAN DAY.  I was like, I am going to be FINE.  I am not going to worry.  I feel fine!  Breathing good.  Energy good.  I got this.  I was good for a long time that day and then, well, when I was drinking my contrast after all the "business" was over, blood work done, appointment with Hank on Wednesday confirmed, Trivia Crack done and I scored 11 (wha?!?!), and then it was just...the wait.  So, I put it on Facebook and by the time I was called in, 10 comments and 18 likes later, I calmed down.  My worry was not erased, but eased by just sharing....  "Hey dearie, you are up...."  We talked about her 2 and 1/2 year old, how I am the last scan of the day and she promised not to leave me in the tube (that happened in Arizona!), how one of the workers in the lab has left to live on two acres in New Mexico (so happy for her), etc.  Okay, on the table, IV in, and now the seven minutes that will determine the next three months of my life.  Maybe I should have done this AFTER Spring Break....  "Breathe....hold your breath."  "Breathe....hold your breath."  Injection.  "Breathe....hold your breath."  "Breathe....hold your breath."  Done.  The new employee took out the IV and said, "Dr. Rogers says Hi."  I laughed and said "Hi" back.  I said, "I am kind of an old timer these days."  He replied with "I am a new timer and you seem to know everyone well...."  Son, I am not sure that is a good thing, but I laugh and say, "This is nine years and these are good people, so yeah, I guess I do."  Home.  Traffic.  I call the boys.  Homework check.  Nolan wants to watch a YouTube video...."Is your homework done?"  "No, but I am super interested in this.  I heard about it at school."  "From whom, did you hear about it at school?"  "Mrs. Waterman."  "FINE.  But homework next!"  What is the saying, "There is no rest for the wicked?"  Get home.  Grant is home.  Confused, but he was like well, I thought if anything went wrong......  Sweet.  Eat dinner.  Mason off to Hockey, Nolan off to soccer, but the phone rings - Swedish Medical Center.  I answer, "Hank?"  "Angie?"  "Yup."  "You are fine."  "Hank, I am coming back on Wednesday you did not have to call."  "In that case, I know NOTHING and I will see you Wednesday."  "Are you afraid, I will cancel now?!?!?!"  "Of course, I miss you!"  I roll my eyes which I am SURE he can hear.  "Okay, okay, so give it to me....two spots still there, how are they doing?"  And then he goes...."one may or may not be a tiny bit bigger"...."don't worried about it"...."stable"....the peanuts teacher voice come in as my hip leans into my new beautiful kitchen counter, my eyes close, and I exhale.  I am fine.  Then, I realize he is done.  With a mild shake of the head, "Okay then, I did my blood work already, so I will see you on Wednesday."  "Deal."  "Deal."  "Bye." "Bye."  "Mom.  I am sorry to bother you, but I cannot find my shin guards."  And life goes on.....

Big thank you to everyone that follows Facebook - I needed you and dang you delivered.....wow...

Back to bed.

Happy Tuesday,


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