Monday, November 16, 2015

Things happen in threes, right?!?!?!

A friend of mine who is a chemo nurse firmly believes that all things "difficult" should end or postpone while people are in cancer treatment.  Yes, Laura, I am talking about you.....  So, things are humming along and I am going on a trip with my Mom and Aunt which we used to do ALL THE TIME, but then I had kids, and then I had cancer, and then....well life just happened.  So, week before last, we (my Mom, my Aunt Donna, and I) went on  a cruise.  It was mainly to see if we could go on a cruise with our male counterparts.  Answer, no.  But, yes, for me and all the boys.  There was tons to do for Grant and the boys and they would LOVE IT.  Grant only because the boys and me because I did not have to plan a meal for seven days.  I watched the kids on the cruise and they were literally "blissful".  Exploring, experiencing, ordering amazing food, and loving it.  The room we had was unbelievable.  We had a huge balcony and I opened the door to hear the water all night.  One night things were rocking' and rolling' and I loved and respected it.  It was amazing.  I gained amazing respect for the cruising industry. 

So, I have a calling plan of 100 minutes each month to Canada and Mexico.  Clearly, we purchased this for Canada, but when we went on the trip I was all, "Yahoo! I have cell phone service!"  Reality, questionable at best. 

During my trip, our kitchen flooded.  Not a little, but a lot, like, mold in your walls, dry wall gone, flooring gone, cabinets gone, flooding.

Grant's first text to me was, "Kitchen is doing well after the flooding, Nolan's face is healing well."

Wha?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  Nolan's FACE?!?!?!?!?!  Word to the wise, photos are data and when you go to Mexico, you do not get data....... so the email with pictures of Nolan's stiches did not come through, but the one with "Nolan's face is healing well." did.  I WAS A FREAK SHOW!  I called and called and called.....finally I got through.  It was minor, by his eye, but okay.  I, of course, had half of his face missing and one ear gone.  So, WHEW!

Then Grant told me about the kitchen.......he told me to have a good time.......I did.....but I started buying know, the good stuff.....

I got home to a mess of a kitchen.  No floor, no drywall from two feet down, no bottom cabinets, really half a kitchen.....And then lift set in....PTA, hearing testing, WE applications, bills, reimbursements, life......

Bless his heart, Grant helped me today with moving the spent cabinets in the garage and moving the food in.  Technically, we can get reimbursed for all the dining out based on the fact that this is our kitchen.  That is great, but I cannot eat out that much.  So, this weekend, we moved everything around and I have found all the big stuff outside of my baking sheets......seriously, how hard are those to find in a mound of boxes!?!?!?!?!

Needless to say, I have been beyond busy.  If I have missed your email, forgive me.  If I owe you a phone call forgive me.  All I do is insurance, contractors, picking cabinets, sinks, hardware, We have to get new blinds, redo the kitchen table, restain everything.  This in addition to my life that is too busy and my new years resolution is to well, stop saying yes.  Friday all the volunteers got sick for the Hearing and Vision Tests at school.  I got there and we were an hour behind.  The nurse was nervous we would not get it all done in that day and I was like, "I am here, I will stay, but we WILL FINISH today."  We caught up by 12:20 and we finished early.  550 kids through vision an hearing from 9:30 to 1:20.  BOOM.  Sometimes you just have to get 'r done - no excuses.  Maybe I should do motivational speaking with the Seahawks......

I have today without any contractors, insurance, etc. just me and by boys.  It starts up all over again tomorrow!

Happy Monday, Ang

I have tried to upload the pictures, but have been unsuccessful.  Just imagine my kitchen with no drywall, floor, no bottom cabinets but the countertops are up with lean tos.........

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