Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Telling Mason and Nolan & My (re)start date

So, I broke to the kids that my scan showed that my cancer was back and that soon we would be going back to the cancer schedule where they go to Grandma and Grandpa house every other week.  Mason didn't say much, but Nolan cheered (no kidding - CHEERED) exclaiming, "YEAH!  Grandma give me WAY more treats than you do!  YEAH!"  This display was quickly followed by, "Do you need anything?  How do you feel?"  Apparently, he does know how to stay alive even if it is delayed.  I spoke to Mason later and he said, "I just really thought we would get past this cancer thing and I am excited to be with Grandma and Grandpa especially since they have the Kinect now, but I will miss you."  My sweet boy.

I met with Hank yesterday.  I decided to look good.  I wore my new outfit that Susie (Breast Cancer Survivor Friend) dressed me in from her daughter-in-laws online boutique ( which included 4 inch heels.  I got my hair cut and done.  I looked good especially for a 42 year old with cancer.  I stopped by the treatment center and asked what days were better between Monday and Tuesdays.  Mondays it is.  Went down to the office.  Did my blood with a new nurse, while saying hi to all the other people by name.  She was like, "You are regular cause you look good?"  "I get that a lot.  And, yes, I am a regular will see me plenty soon Suzanne with a "z"!"  Get into the office with a nurse that is helping out.  She asked, "Are you here just for a checkup?"  Explain again.  "Wow...okay."  Looks are my chart.  "What all have you done?"  "Lots of chemo, bilateral lung surgery, radiation to the pelvis and, my favorite,what every woman likes to say, trans anal tumor removal!"  I start laughing hysterically and she looked at me and said, "You're funny!"  Hank comes in and says, "You cut your hair."  I responded with, "I know you do not like my hair short, but I am going back into chemo and it needs to be easier...."  He stopped me, "I like it."  "Oh?  Okay!"  We chat about stuff...and then we get down to brass tacks.  "Is it in both lungs now?" (me)  "Yes." (him)  "Same chemo?" (me)  "Always worked before." (him)  "I want to be the first in office and the first up so that I get a bed." (me)  "Depends on the schedule, but sure." (him)  "I want to be medicated on the way in (happy drug) and first when I start (more happy drug)." (me) "Done." (him)  "I want to do Mondays." (me)  "Your call - fine." (him)  "I have to start on the 5th or the 19th - the 12th screws up too much stuff AND I have a trip to Toronto in June which would push treatment out to three weeks for one round."  (me)  "Sounds doable.  When do you want to start?"  PAUSE.  "Wha?" (me)  "When do you want to..."  (him)   "You will let me wait that long?"  I interrupt.  "Yes, these are small and if you have something important going on we can wait for the 19th." (him)  "I want to see my son ski.  I have never seen him ski and there is a ski trip with friends I don't see that often." (me)  "Good enough for me. The 19th then."  (him)  IN THAT MOMENT, I AM ON TOP OF THE WORLD.  We say goodbye and I start scheduling with Sharon at the desk.  I get everything I want - day, time, etc.  Everyone is taking down's website site to go look at the fall sale and I am still on top of the world.  I go upstairs to Michael's desk and give him a copy of my schedule and then run across the street to Rite Aid for hand sanitizer for my impending journey.  I happily get there, get my stuff, leave and learn a VERY important lesson about heels.  One should NEVER, EVER change direction in four inch heels while going downstairs.  Yep, I fell down five steps.  BIG STEEP steps. As I was beginning to fall I said, "I will hurt myself more if I try to correct, so I just need to fall...."  Hand sanitizer in the street, me on the ground, an ACCESS bus stops to see if I am okay, and am laying on the ground laughing my ass off.  I wave the bus driver on, get my hand sanitizer off Madison Ave. and laugh all the way to my car.  Just when I thought I was cute...  Happy Wednesday, Ang


Anonymous said...

Totally love your story...the high heels, falling, hand-sanitizer on Madison. Keep up the good work. You rock(you fall)!

Love & Laughter,

Anonymous said...

I agree with Annemarie, just need to add that - You rock (you fall) and you get right back up again laughing! Nothing and I mean NOTHING can keep you down. Cancer does not have a chance against you. I know the battle is tough but you are victorious!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you are getting to do this your way since you're going to have to do chemo again. I only wish you didn't have to take that nasty stuff any more!
Good luck, keep laughing, and lets hope you avoid any more unplanned trips: )

Vicki Olafson said...

Hoping your new outfit survived the fall. But the visual of you laying there, laughing, bus driver stopping to inquire...makes me smile. So glad you got the schedule you I don't think anyone was willing to mess with you in that power outfit and amazing new haircut! :)
You truly do ROCK my dear.
Love ya

Steve Chamberlin said...

Hi Ang,
I knew you had a good 4-inch heels story in you! Now we've both had an interesting experience with 4-inch heels, although in my story I didn't get any bruises. :)

Hoping you're not too black and blue,

auntie jane hainsworth said...

You are a girl who does absolutely everything with "style", strength and courage. Go get'em girlie!

Love you and with you 1000%


Beckey said...

You are most awesome and those shoes... cancer ain't got nothin on you, my dear. You ROCK in so many ways (standing and falling). Love you

Anonymous said...

You are a Lady of beauty and you sustain us all with your courage and joy for life.Your children know they are going to visit Grandma of the bountiful treats so that is good, especially when compared to scarcity of treats at home. In their world more sugar good, less sugar not so good. It is a long road you travel, you do it with grace and courage. God love you, Maggie and I sure do! pat&mag

Anonymous said...

In defense of Grandma, "treats" and sugar do not necessarily equate. Physical activities, swimming,exercising with their new XBOX (thanks to the Gates' valuable input at Thanksgiving),running laps around the circle,riding scooters and bikes etc., combine with other more traditional notions of "treats". Their cute, trim and fit little bodies reveal a well rounded mix of various and hopefully healthy "treats".... Grandma and Grandpa thoroughly enjoy their time with "the boys" and try to replicate what Mom and Dad teach them at home...