Monday, October 17, 2011

Results of Friday

Well, turns out I was neither in trouble or brilliant, BUT I got all that I wanted.  I am the first on the table for Cyberknife with the software (meaning no markers in my lungs), but they need one month to install it and 2 and a half months to test it.  So, we are buying time.  How Hank wants to handle that is that I get ALL my trips, but right after my last one in mid November, I have to go in for a PET/CT.  It I am stable, we wait.  If there are more, I am probably back in chemo, BUT if they stay to three and just get bigger, we will buy time by doing chemo light which isn't so bad.  So, there is a chance that I could have the holidays W/O chemo  or on a light chemo and that would be just fine by me!  Happy Monday, Ang


Ty said...

Best of luck with that. It certainly sounds like that will be the case.


Anonymous said...

I am so amazed about your knowledge and taking control of your treatments. Your Doctors have to be completely on your side, knowing that you are such an incredible patient. My daily prayers continue for you and your wonderful family. Know that I am confident that you will be in good hands and have the support for anything that comes your way. Sending love and hugs from Kauai, Judi

Kari George said...

Way to go Ang! Sometimes you have to be the pain in THEIR ass rather than the other way around! This will work itself out! Love ya babe!

Anonymous said...


Angie, you are amazing and a warrior. Kick Ass!

Jamie Cass

Anonymous said...

I'm still holding you in my thoughts, heart, and prayers. So glad that you are enjoying yourself with culinary and Canadian adventures! Sounds delightful. Must say I busted a gut over your kayak freak out! Really? The mind can certainly get one going. Glad you took that deep breath and went for it. Oh and good job getting that passport. Better late than never (wink). You'll no doubt need it next year!!! Xoxo, ^..^