Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Last weekend, I ate a peach and the juice smooshed out the sides of my mouth, I cuddled with the kids in the morning with, of course, the smell behind the ears, I got bruised by my son, I ate three meals without substituting one with liquid shake, I ran through the sprinkler, I cleaned up the garage, I visited with neighbors, and I painted the mail kiosk in our neighborhood. As my neighbor says, "A healthy Angie is a busy Angie." It was Labor Day Weekend after all! Love, Ang


Anonymous said...

You go girl! Hope someone snapped a photo of you running through that sprinkler. Awesome.

auntie jane said...

You always leave things in this world better than you found them. Did you "spray paint" the Mail Kiosk? Do you need a compressor with a spray paint attachment?

It sounds like a great Labor Day. Lots of fun!

Carla Chamberlin said...

Isn't it nice being able to do the kinds of things that so many people take for granted. Hopefully your brain will return to it's old self given time. I'm glad you are doing well and improving!