Friday, May 20, 2011


Well, this last round was a little rough. It probably didn't help that I had bowel problems going into the round (like for the entire GOOD week between chemos) Turns out clams were NOT a good idea. Then this morning Grant says to me, "Are you going to be talking to your oncologist this week?" "No, why?" "Well, the last few times you have come home your complexion is dark and green and yellow." I guess I am going to call the oncologist! I am coming out and hoping to have a good weekend. I did a stupid thing on chemo this time. I actually googled "colostomy". This is NOT a good idea (even though I know half of you are now going to google it!). I just wanted to see and I should have left it alone. So, as I come down off of that visual and as the anti-depressants start to take there effect, I think I was a vandal in a previous life, because, as usual, I am looking to spray paint something...I better hurry before the sun goes away. Hangin' in, Ang


Anonymous said...

Some say life is a veil of tears and others think it is a deluge like the flood on the mississippi.You are doing well at keeping your head up and paddling against the flood. Mag and I are having our own travails and they sometimes seem wearying but not in the same dimension as yours, Keep fighting and do a little recreational vandalizing, I would love to see you as Americas most wanted spray painting, cancer patient vandalizing red hot mama!!
We think of you all the time and send our love to all the Clarno Clan! pat&mag

auntie jane said...

Thought you could use a little inspiration, and how to get started advice, to assist with your new therapeutic hobby.

I'd love to go on a train painting run with you...isn't there a station in Kent? Love Jane

Laurie said...

Hey babe,
Glad you're hanging in there. Big big hug! And have fun painting the town red, yellow, blue, green, etc.