Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chemo Light Take Two

Well, lots has happened since last week. The antibiotics and pain pills stopped working on my pneumonia and pleurisy, so back I went on Friday to get more. Now, I am on TWO antibiotics, but I am feeling much better. This is a slow healing process, and I have dropped out of a lot of things just because I can't get something else. Me and the four walls of the house are very familiar with each other. The weekend was filled with birthday party preparations for Nolan's fourth and Valentine's Day. I move slow but the good news is that I get to keep moving. Those were actual orders from my Doc to my Mother who wanted to strap me down in a bed when she discovered I had pleurisy. Thank God he told her - she would have never believed me! Funny things have happened along the way like when I called the on-call doc at 6am on Friday, told them I was coughing up blood, and they told me that they would have the office call when they opened. So, with my head tilted in confusion, I emailed my oncologist and told him. Within 30 seconds I got a call from him with the question, "What did they tell you?" I omitted the woman name conveniently, but I am pretty sure she won't be doing that again. Grant lost his phone in the house and we found it against all odds because it was on vibrate, after he drilled the kids on where it was, where he left it - on the floor in the pooper. I will never touch that phone again. Anyhoo.....he will LOVE that I posted that, but hey life happens. So, today I am going in for Chemo Light "Take two". Oddly, I am not scared. They had a social worker call me after the last one and it was helpful. I followed up with her this morning with a plan. I plan on having the BP cuff on today, and the oxygen measurer thingy, and oxygen. I can't breath deeply because of the pleurisy, so what the heck. This way, I can check myself and I can actually read this crap even though I have done my darnest to ignore how any of this works. I am taking anti-anxiety meds before I go and I am taking a horoscope that I cut out when I was rediagnosed last summer. It reads..."The unusual solution will work. Understanding evolves to a new level. You could be held back by self-imposed restrictions or by going over a situation in your head again and again." I plan on doing all of this for the next two sessions and then, if I am comfortable I will remove one, then another the next time, etc. I did this another time with cancer related anxiety and my kids. It worked and slowly gave me the confidence with the process again. So, here we go (again).....wish me luck. Loves, Ang


Steve Chamberlin said...

Wishing you luck and hoping your plan worked to a tee.

Laurie said...

Good luck to you, dear one.

As for being holed up at home, it's a good thing you have very pretty walls to look at.

Rooting for you, as always . . .


Anonymous said...

Ang. Think of this as just another ride on your dirt bike. We wish you luck.. and we love you. Love, Peter (and Jo-Ann, Amelia and Paige)

ps. I feel like calling Grant on his cell just to make him pick up his poopy phone and put it up against his face. hee...hee....hee