Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our trip to Disneyland

Okay, so overall the trip was great. The only question I have is why do we always get sick when we go to California????? Mason was sick Tuesday night, Grant on Friday night, and last night after tucking in the kids for bed at home, Nolan puked all over. Not being a regular puker he hasn't "clued in" that you puke IN the toilet, not all over your bed and then when you run out of space, puke on the floor, then on the door of the bathroom, cabinets of the bathroom, in the sink and then FINALLY in the toilet. Really? Do I look like I love to clean puke?? We go to Hawaii, don't get sick; we go to North Carolina, don't get sick; we go to Toronto, don't get sick, but the meager two hour flight to CA is fatal for us. And here is the funniest part......I only got a mild head cold. Now, I am still waiting, but you would think I would fall like a sequoia, but NOPE, or not yet anyway. Today, we are on lock down - trying not to spread it to the rest of the world. GOODNESS! So, here is what went not so great....I lost my camera and for a scrapbooker that is like a death, but my Mother, as she always does, got a disposable and had an extra camera in her room. WHO HAS AN EXTRA CAMERA .........LIKE EVER???? She had an extra camera when we went to China too - good thing, because mine stopped working the day we got there. We got sick, but we made it to the park everyday even if it was just for a little while. And, apparently, my name is Julie, but we will get to that soon. Now, here is the good stuff. Mickey Mouse decorated our room for Mason's birthday which was over the top amazing. We brought most of it home except for the singing balloon (that Grant and I wanted to murder at a couple points) and the GIGANTIC box that everything came in. We had banners on the door, banners on the windows, Mickey's footprints on the floor, an autograph book signed by Mickey dedicated to Mason, a Mickey Mouse toy, stuffed animal, book, special birthday ears, necklace, etc. etc. etc. Mickey REALLY spoiled Mason. Apparently, Mickey also did fireworks for Mason, according to him. IT WAS PRECIOUS. We went on bigger rides like Big Thunder Mountain and enjoyed the Christmas Decorations and Parade. It was amazing. I almost cried when we walked out onto Downtown Disney at night. The lights started there and went all through the park. New Orleans' Square was particularly beautiful. Nolan could talk this time, so I loved his commentary. Like, "he didn't like the Pirates of the Caribbean because they were bad pirates........" Yeah, I know. I had to break it to him that all pirates were bad. He looked at me like, "Whaaaaaaat???"and then dismissed me as if I didn't say it. O-K-A-Y. I would have to say my favorite part was when we saw the tree lighting. We didn't plan it. We just happen to be there. In the tree lighting there was a dialogue of choosing to believe.......and it all came rushing back to me. I had lost the choosing to believe concept when I went into remission, Grant started his business, etc. I was normal.......a realist........I really starting to read the stats and really started to believe that I was just a result of good medicine and luck. But to believe, have faith, hand over control, and live everyday? Disneyland gave that back to me. Pixie dust and stars, Mickey Mouse and fireworks, and Good and Bad Pirates, and my family (Mom, Dad and Auntie Donna) all asking me, "Where is the garbage? Where is the bathroom? Where is the entrance to that ride?" (hence Julie the tour guide comment)...........I rediscovered my belief again in NOW, today, joy, family, and faith. Because as goes the saying, "Once you enter these walls, you leave the world behind and believe in what is possible and fantasy." I didn't get that quote totally right, but you get the jist. So, let the puke fest begin again on our next trip to Disneyland (scheduled for 2013, but you know, that could change.....)!!!!! Loves, Ang


Steve Chamberlin said...

Way cool. Glad you had a good time. I would have loved the Mickey party at Mason's age. As to having a second camera along, my wife is in that club.

Laurie said...

Great story, my love. Wish you could've done without the puke, but it does make things more colorful! It's a good thing the men in your family are so darned cute.
Hugs to everyone, the biggest to you.