Saturday, December 11, 2010

Okay, who is the prankster that sent Mr. Hankey?

Feeling MUCH better and having a nice weekend, and then the Postman brought me a package. It is what looks like a BIG piece of poop (toy poo) with a Santa Hat and a face that saying things like, "You know something pal? You smell an awful lot like flowers!" and "Crap is everything!" and "I reckon this could be a job for Mr. Hankey!" Okay, the funniest part in all of this is that it is a piece of poo and my oncologist's name is Hank. I have my thoughts on who sent this and it starts with my sister in law, but I am open to others!!!! Stilling laughing and trying to hide this toy from my kids!!!! Loves, Ang


auntie jane said...

Well, I would like to take credit... Butt it wasn't me. Someone aced me out on this one. Love Jane

Vicki Olafson said...

You know it's Mr Hanky when it says to you "Hiiiiidiiii Hoooo". Sad to say I've seen a couple South Park episodes with Mr Hanky and years past, my brothers got me Mr Hanky slippers. Nothing like walking around your house with poo on your feet! I'm glad it made you laugh...good for the soul.

Gina said...


"Hiiiiidiiii Hoooo”

It was me, I finally found Mr. Hanky. Mr. Hanky has a Christmas CD, and you almost got that too, wasn’t sure if his voice would get on your nerves.
Merry Christmas to you have your family. 