Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Silly Mama!

Okay, I am in the middle of getting all my advice from my team so I am not going to update you on that, but I will tell you an enduring story about my Nolan. So, remember how I had a day off yesterday? Well, two summers ago, Karissa and I came up with "Summer Adventures" where each week we plan a fun outing with all the kids (her three and my two) each week. This was a way for me to get out with the kids WITH back up. This once necessary procedure has turned into a coveted tradition. So, if the kids behave and do well on all the adventures, they get a GRAND finale at the end of the summer. So, the first week, I had a colonoscopy. Yeah, I wasn't there, but Karissa took the kids on adventure by herself. I know! She is WAY brave. If the situation was reversed, I would be like, "Yeah, no, sorry!" Anyhoo, yesterday, we had another adventure. We went to the Seattle Sculpture Park and had lunch by the water. The kids did GREAT! Funny part - Karissa's kids told me that they call the adventures "Angie's Adventures" because they don't like their Mom's choices on the adventures. Now, that really isn't quite fair. Karissa's choices last year did kinda stink, but it isn't ENTIRELY her fault. But now, the kids are convinced that she can't pick them well at all. What they don't know is that she has picked the Grand Finale this year. I have to say, it is brilliant. However, if in the unlikely event it turns bad, I am throwing her under the bus. I know, I am brutal! Anyway, we got home, Nolan took at rest, and when he got up Mason was outside with the neighborhood kids playing. Nolan was none too interested in playing outside, so he did some "work" and got a treat. I told him he could have five Swedish Fish (a bag I got from IKEA). When I looked at the size of the fish, I was like, "OMG, this is a lot for a three year old." But I said five and he can count, so you know the drill. He finished three and said, "Look Mommy, I have TWO left!" I replied, "Do you want to save them for tomorrow?????" hopingly (Is that a word???). And, he turned around, looked up and me and said, "SILLY MAMA! We will save the ones in the bag for tomorrow!!! I eat these today!!!" He turned back around shaking his head like, "What a loony tune!!!!" Message.....All we got is today - LIVE IT UP!!!! :) Angie


Anonymous said...

Smart little tike...:) and you are so right. Enjoy today there are no promises for tomorrow and today can not be wasted dealing with "what ifs" or maybes. Be in the moment. Know at this very moment there are many people in your life who are thinking about you with positive prayer energy. You are strong and well loved. love,Pam

leslie kendall said...

I just love you!