Sunday, June 6, 2010

Birthday Week

In my family, my birthday is three days before Grant's and four days away from my Mom's. Today is my Mom's Birthday and the end of the 2010 string of family birthdays. I had a GREAT birthday day. It is funny because I truly forgot, but my sweet son brought in my coffee with whipped cream and sprinkles on it and in a five-year-old kinda way said, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Fishy sprinkles are your favorite, right Mom?" I guess so I thought, but I corrected and said, "Of course they are!" still waking up. I went to the Y, put the boys in childcare and worked out. When I picked them up, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, said, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Swim lessons were great. Both boys showed off their stuff and my Mom brought them back home for me because as I told her, "All I wanted to do was get my book from the library." She replied, "Well, then you shall. It is your birthday." You are probably thinking, "Why don't you just take your kids to the library?" I used to. I don't anymore. It is kinda like not taking them to stores during the holidays. I just don't. It turns into this, "Mama, can I check out a book?" Then it is two, three, etc. Then it is, "NO, I WANT TO CARRY THEM. NO, THAT IS MY BOOK. NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!" That isn't me talking - it is them. All I can think about is, "How many books will NOT make it through this process and how much will this cost me??? In books and therapy????" I am MUCH better off using used books from Amazon, friends, buying them from scholastic catalogs, etc. It is AMAZING how cheaply you can get GREAT books. Anyway, I got home, the boys were jacked for my birthday party, we got out the candles, Grant brought home salmon to cook for dinner, I got my ice cream cake, I made a wish and then, as everyone was doing the party thing, I saw the computer with all the cards, birthday emails and I thought back to last year.........Besty coming out of my chest (chest tube), surprise birthday party, hope, recovery, serious pain killers, joy, relief, the list goes on but this time it ends with me here, healthy, 41 when there was thought I would make it to 39. Happy Birthday. I think about my upcoming scan (June 10th) and I push it out of my mind. I just want to enjoy today and I did. The scan has loomed in and out of my mind all week, but looming is what it does best. I wanted this week to be just as it should be. Today, we are going down to my parents to celebrate all of our birthdays together and my Dad is treating. It is easier for him that way - WAY less complicated! Cheers, Ang

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Happy Birthday and God Bless!