Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Learning to live with PSD

Everything is going well, Grant's business is rolling along, I am busy with the boys and T-Ball, swim lessons, work, BUT then there are still the doctor's appointments. Every time I have to go to the doctor, my blood pressure is high, I talk REALLY fast, and I sweat - like a lot. I had this reaction going to the DENTIST. I will say, I did have a dentist appointment at 7:00am. Mornings are still not great for me. It is a whole issue that I am not going to put on the blog. That is one of the three boundaries I have left. So, I have resorted to anti anxiety meds in many cases. If I don't things like this happen.......I scared my GYN/Oncologist at my last appointment. He is a very tall, older Southern gentleman that, after I down loaded my three bladder infections in six weeks, my aversion to my continued physical therapy because of the three bladder infections in six weeks, and then started apologizing for my selfishness on complaining about bladder infections when he is administering chemo to patients down the hall. His eyes got big and said, "Angela....uuuuu....we need to....well, need to....." I spouted out, "To backup??? Yes, I know, a gal with my medical history is bound to get wound up...." He looked at me, pierced his lips and raised both of his eyebrows like, "YEP". He didn't say a word. Smart man. Pause. Pause. Shallow breath. Shallow breath. Then, he very gently put his hand on my knee and said, "You know, first we need to get you comfortable with all this. All of this is normal....based on your have no estrogen......your body is in menopause.......this is normal.....especially with the are are doing well......let's do an exam.......I can give you an rx that you can take on trips with you so that if you get a bladder infection when you are out of town you are covered......but if you are in town please come by and leave a sample so that I can track are very good at self diagnosis with bladder infections.......will that reduce your anxiety?" Exhale. Yes. Exam actually went great. I don't have to see him for six months AND I don't have to do another ultrasound. So, either I am doing very well or I scared the pants off of him and he never wants to see me again. Time will tell. Medical PSD - FABULOUS. So, I think the anti anxiety med are the best plan for a while, don't you???? Happy Wednesday - Ang

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