Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

So, for Valentine's Day, Mason, Nolan, and I decided to go to the Cancer Center. Couple reasons why, one, I had about 12,000 Valentines left over from the 38 Mason did between preschool and day care and, two, I thought this would be an interactive way for him to meet everyone. So, we started in the basement with the resource center that was so helpful to me when I first was diagnosed, then upstairs to Angie and Radiation, then upstairs to the oncologist's office, then to the 12th floor for the surgeon's office, and finally down to the third floor for the treatment center to visit our friend, Bob in treatment that day. Mason gave everyone "Hot Wheels" valentines and proclaimed, "Happy Valentine's Day" to each recipient. It was really cute. He then got so comfortable that he started saying hi every time we got on an elevator and bye every time we got off an elevator. Quite the charmer. When we got to treatment, the women at the front were like, "You don't have to check in....just prop the door open and go do whatever you want!" That was nice. I feel we may have ticked off the woman next to Bob, she didn't seem amused by my darling boys, so we didn't stay long. Bob did the trick for Mason. See, lately, Mason has been convinced that if you go the hospital you automatically die. I didn't know if it had worked until Mason was reading books with Dad and, as usual, he picked his favorite collection book out, "Best of Curious George" and he FINALLY chose, "George goes to the Hospital." He exclaimed something along the lines of, "Daddy, we went to the hospital, I met Bob, and we didn't die!" Check that one off the list. Now, to get ready for Nolan birthday tomorrow - he is turning one. What a year it has been. Cheers, Ang


Anonymous said...

That sounds like the best Valentines Day ever. Way to spread the joy and share your beautiful boys!!!!

Bob said...

I am so glad that the boys enjoyed their visit. I enjoyed meeting them yesterday, and am SO GLAD that Mason can see that we don't die when we go to the hospital. It's where they make us better, and many other ways besides getting rid of our cancers. And the woman next to us was OK - not a problem - they were on their way back from a visit to the oncologist too.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Nolan! A note on Hospitals and death, when I was a child the two were nearly synonymous, going to the hospital
was the gravest of trips (no pun intended). Children are like listening devices that pick up not only words but most importantly the emotional tone that goes with them, and their hearing is very acute.On a lighter note my friend Gerry sent me the following story:
A proctologist, (not the nearsighted one most of us know) wrote down some of the comments his patients (mostly men) made while undergoing his efforts.
1)" take it easy Doc, your boldly going where no man has ever gone before" 2. "any sign of the trapped miners yet?". 3."you know in the Ozarks we are legally married now." 4."now I know how a Muppett feels." 5."You used to be an exutive at Enron didn't you?".
6."if your hand doesn't fit you must quit". 7."would you write a note for my wife and tell her my head isn't up there."
I hope no one is offended.
love pat&mag