Thursday, March 25, 2021

So, I DID have a procedure this week..

 I gotta tell ya, you have to be your own advocate. I contacted my Doctor’s nurse Monday night and said, “you know you said I might have a procedure this week...”. HOLY COW!  Tuesday I am racing to get a Covid rest, pre admit, etc for a Wednesday surgery.  It was just a Broncoscopy (sp), but still.  Anyway, it was to clear anything away that he did not need to laser next week.  The great part was I didn’t need to use my oxygen machine and I listened to the rain all night.  The surgery went well and I am ready for next week. Thank God for little things........

Happy Thursday, Ang

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Anonymous said...

Glad the procedure went well. Just found the post . Hope this week goes well also Thinking of you lots > Love you Peggy