Wednesday, March 13, 2019

“It is not as bad as chemo....”

How many times have people said this?  How many times have I?  If I have been absent or non responsive it is because I have been run through all the tests and more.  And here are the results..all the nine spots in my lungs are, in fact, cancer “hot”, as they say.  Too much cancer to do local treatment like cyberknife or ablation.  A systemic treatment would be better, but chemo is too hard on the body for this little amount.  So, too sick for one and not sick enough for the other.  In the past couple years there has emerged a new therapy that I know very little about.  It is immunotherapy.  But first, I have to qualify, then insurance has to approve, and then I get to try it.  Rash, nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, etc are some of the side effects.  I am supposed to go in this week to talk about it.  I am not.

I will go next week.  This week I will start to prepare my life/house for systemic therapy.  Got the windows scheduled, give the house a good clean.  Run to the goodwill and used book store, sort some of the clutter, not a lot, but make it workable.  Put some meals in the freezer.  Buy extra dog food and treats.  I have not had systemic therapy in like seven years.  I never wanted to go back, but here we are.  In addition, if I am on your calendar to do something for you, I would find someone else.  I have to drop out for a while and just focus on me and getting my boys to and from school.  Next year, they will be split between two districts as Mason will be going to Aviation.

Now, maybe I am overreacting, and I truly hope I am, but “it is better than chemo....” is still super far from normal.

I will let you know more when I do.

Be well, Ang


Vicki Olafson said...

Take care of you. That's #1!! I'm sorry this journey continues for you but just know that everyone will be praying, chanting, sending positive vibes and preparing schedules to be there for whatever manner that looks like. Sending virtual hugs. Love you friend!

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