Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The aftermath of My Dad's Service, being hit by a semi, our trip to Washington DC, and Life.....

When I left you, I had three spots growing in my lungs.  It required a PET, but remember you only get 3 in your lifetime and I have had 28.  Hank was fine with it.  "We need it to see if that is active cancer.  They will allow it."  I was skeptical as I have seen no many denial notices come through my mail, but they have improved the process because it was scheduled AND APPROVED.  SHOCKING.  That is Friday.  Mom is taking the boys to and from school which I am so grateful.

My Dad's service was on the 26th of April.  It was a beautiful day and a beautiful service.  People came that I only knew by name, but stopped me and told me how they loved my Dad.  No surprise to me.  I loved my Dad too, but I did learn certain things......but I got to have him as my Dad.  Stories I did not tell at the funeral that some of you know are:

#1  I was YOUNG and I woke up from a bad dream.  I went to my parents bedroom and they were not there.  I went to the window in the living room and the GTO was gone.  I knew my parents were gone - the GTO was the dependable car.  I remember holding my teddy bear, turning around, sliding down the green and gold embossed couch and saying to myself, "Do I cry?  Do I lose my mind?"  I answered, "No, my parents love me WAY to much to leave me.  I should just go back to bed."  (And you wonder where my inflated sense of self came from....)  So, I did.  In the morning, I went into my parent's bedroom and asked where they went last night.  To my confusion, my Dad collapsed, like in a weird way for me.  My Mom called me over and told me that friends of ours were in a bad car accident and they did not know what to expect, but that they had to go get the kids and get them in bed.  My parents were afraid of what I might see and decided that they should leave me at home.  I asked how they were, and everyone was going to pull through.  I was okay, like that sounded TOTALLY reasonable and I was good.  My Dad was still pretty sad.  He said to me, "You know I will never leave you."  I responded with, "Yes, are you okay?"  And he with, "Promise me you know I will never leave you."  "I promise."  This was one of five promises my Dad made me make to him.  There were only five....but then six in the end.

#2  My Dad was loved by every kid every neighborhood we lived in.  When I was little, we had sleds, like with the steel runners.  If there was enough snow, my Dad would pull ALL THE NEIGHBORHOOD KIDS behind his Trail 90 which was the first "Trail Bike" he ever owned.  He always started out with me on the right.  "Varmint, remember, don't let the muffler scrap your face - IT WILL BURN IT RIGHT OFF!"  I got to tell the next people that.  Many declined.  WHATEVER!

There are more, but I need to save them for me and my boys......my Dad was a big man and a bigger father.

So, for Spring Break, we visited our friends that we made from the KOA last year.  They are "Coasties" or Coast Guard.  There were here for a year, but we had tons of fun with them, vacationed, with them, learned that eating off of paper plates ALL the time was okay (because you could compost them - we figured that out), and played with them.  They attended Mason's birthday where we made someone puke (and the still liked us), and we invited them to the Kent Christmas Tree lighting which we missed by 2 mins (and the still liked us), etc etc.  I think they need a higher bar, but WHATEVER!  Anyhoo, we got to stay on base, they were WONDERFUL TOUR GUIDES, and we have a great time playing kick ball (wow that was sad for me - my head travels faster than my feet), hanging out, side trips to Williamsburg and Jamestown, smoking meat, watching  Lacrosse, etc.  So, we get home. The plane is late, my Mom picked up pizza for us, we go to bed, I drop the kids the next day at school while Grant takes my truck in to be serviced and I am, NO LIE, rear ended by a semi.  ALL I WANTED TO DO IS GO HOME, DO LAUNDRY, AND LISTEN TO THE SILENCE OF MY HOUSE.  Two cars in front of me, semi behind.  Light turns green.  No where to go because everything is backed up, EXCEPT THE SEMI DECIDES TO GO.  HITTING THE GAS AND RAMMING ME IN THE BACK.  I hit the woman ahead of me, who hits the woman ahead of her.  Anyway, details aside, no one was injured, it could have been SO much worse and the CMax is a little tank.  I drove away, picked up my kids, and drove it to service the next day.  The cops were amazed at how well my car did. n $8000 later I got it back.

Today, I got to have lunch with an old friend and coffee with a not so old friend.  I love laughing with both of them.  Belly laughing which is the BEST!  They are SUCH a part of my history.  One I watched go through the worst part of her life (and then she watched me) and the other told me to get on board (in a VERY nice way) and help shape a part of the future (which, as a cancer patient, gave me purpose that I can never repay.) THERE KNOW WHO THEY ARE.

So, that is the update.  PET on Friday.  Scared, but pretty sure we will have to do Cyber or Ablation. Kinda hopping it is Ablation.  Have not had time to catch up with Dr. Osnis in a while.  Miss him. Just saw the Cyber folks.  Time will tell.  Only the scan knows......

Happy Wednesday,

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