Friday, September 29, 2017

Test results in 10-14 days....or 3.....

I got a phone call today from Kyle, my docs nurses assistant.  He said, "The doctor is not in today, but he sent an urgent message to you and Dr. Kaplan (my oncologist)."

I pull over the car.  I just dropped the kids.  SHIT.

"Good news!  The polyp was precancerous.  He said you would want to know TODAY, so I am calling."

I wanted to say, "Kyle, could you deliver good news any worse?!?!?!  Start with precancerous and then tell me everything else."  BUT, I didn't.  He is young, I will learn him.  We scheduled a follow up appointment, I told him to have a good weekend, and we hung up.

I exhaled and then I cried like I had wanted to all week.  Well, not entirely because my chest is still a little sore, but I still looked like a hot mess, so I think it worked.

PRECANCER.  We got it in time.

Happy Friday,


Anonymous said...

You'll definitely need to train that nurse!!! Great news!!! So happy for you!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Dec 28th, 2017.
This is Javier Arellano from San Juan del Río, Qro. Mexico
I would like to get more news about Angela
I really wish she is doing well