Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Emergency Room Trifecta - check.....

So, the last few day have been good, roof is finally done.  Yes, like the entire roof is on my house.  I do longer am the "questionable neighbor".  Grant and I (and the boys) have been doing tons of yard work and it is getting so cute.  Yesterday, I had one last thing to get - a hanging basket at Costco.  I am at Costco have a few items and my basket and get a call from school.  "I need to you to come to school.  Mason and another boy hit each other and I just need to you to come to school."  I was like, "Mason hit someone?!?!?!? (thinking fight)".  "No, not like that, they were playing and the ran into each other."  WHEW.  I really never thought I would have that conversation about Mason.  Nolan, well that is different, I am waiting for the call.  "Okay, I am coming."  I get to checkout and am in the middle and I get another call, "Where are you?"  "Costco."  "Okay, we had called 911 just to be safe, but they are going to transport him to Valley.  You are closer there, just go to Valley and take a deep breath."  I had stopped breathing and the whole world stopped.  I don't really know what happened after that, but I was checked out and in the truck.  I beat them there - shocking.  The Vice Principal was with him.  He was in a brace and on a back board.  I couldn't touch him at first.  I just hugged the Vice Principal and looked at him."  He was fine - all thumbs up and everything.  Happy, but uncomfortable.  They were playing kick ball and they ran into eat other Mason's head to that kids check (he is a big kid) and Mason lost consciousness.  He then had some tingling in his leg and the staff thought better to be safe than sorry.  NOTE - Being an older parent sometimes works against you.  If this would have happened to me in elementary school, they would have checked my pupils, saw if I was bleeding from the ear and told me to walk it off.  How many concussions did I have?!?!?!  After a couple hours, the tests and exams were done.  They went into the big long thing about how them would like a CT scan of the head and back and were all worried about me saying no because of radiation.  Clearly, they had no idea how they were talking to.  I was like, "Do it.  I don't have a problem with the radiation."  The tingling in his leg was gone and we left with no neck injury, but a concussion and the longest list of things he cannot do.....again, remember me, "WALK IT OFF!"  This thing goes on for a page and a half.  Mason was sad as we were going over it, but understood.  When we got home, Nolan was so excited to see him and quickly ran to his backpack and said, "Mason, look!  We can ride bikes to school!"  Silent pause and then they tears came and sobbing started, "But, I can't ride a bike."  Then Nolan starts crying, "What?  Why?"  So, I told him about the list with two boys sobbing.....this may be a long week.....

So, we are home, it is late start.  I am keeping Mason home, he has testing next week (which he can't do if he is not healed) and baseball games are going to start.  We meet with his doc tomorrow.

The weird thing is in the scan we learned that Mason has an extra bone in his neck.  Weird.  I knew he was in my stomach too long - I guess he just kept growing.....

The weirder thing is that I really wanted Hawaiian BBQ last night and an L&L BBQ opened up two days ago close to my house.  Do I now have a strange affiliation with Hawaii and the Emergency Room?  Or maybe I have an extra bone in my neck too.

It was delicious.

Happy Wednesday,


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Anonymous said...

Oh My !!!!
Glad he is all right
Give him a big hug for me and yes Take a deep breath .

Love peggy