Sunday, August 16, 2015

Scan results.....

It is FINE.  Nothing to worry about and only to ponder.  I am back on "WATCH".  I have three old sites in my lungs that apparently look "plumper".  Okay, stay with me.....this is in the beauty of the art of survival.

Fact:  Three tiny old spots look "plumper".
Fact:  I have a different Radiologist reading my scan. (I ask every time I get one.)
Fact:  I have been on WATCH before and it has meant squat every time.
Fact:  There is a level of error here because we can only do a CT scan.  Remember, PET scans are reduced to 3 in a lifetime.  I have had 24.  I am a little over,  y'think?!?!?!
Fact:  If I breathe different in the scan, I can have different results.  What do ya think the chances of that happening are?!?!?!?!?!

Do I like being on WATCH?  No.  I also learned that I was having fluid back up into my stomach from my liver.  Okay...okay...I need to do my Milk Thistle, my exercising (My Health App looks PATHETIC!) , and stop eating bread and eggs fried in bacon grease.  GOTCHA!  Summer is bad.  I am awful in the summer.  Need school to start so I have a schedule and stop eating bacon!

So, Hank gave me two choices:  1.  Run around and freak out and get a PET - which would be hard with insurance.  2.  Have another CT in 8 weeks.  Number two PLEASE!  I have been down this road before.  When I was looking at my scan while waiting for Hank, I came up with I have no cancer, but I am pretty sure I have scoliosis.  Clearly, not a doctor, but I am pretty sure that was a curved spine.  Anyway, since I was only eight weeks from a scan, I asked if I could forgo and try a different blood thinner than my shots twice a day.  OMG!  He agreed and said, "Okay, take an aspirin everyday and then we will see what the scan says."  I practically fell over (hard to do on a table), because I have been taking two shots for six years and now I am on a aspirin.  I have paid $4000 a year for those shots and now I can try pennies a day on an aspirin?!??!?!??!  It is like a pay raise - BRING ON WATCH!  The good is balanced by the bad and the ugly is balanced by the beautiful color of money!!!!!!!!

Next scan October 2nd.

Happy Sunday, Ang

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