Sunday, May 4, 2014

My Life Now....

Defn:  Beckey is Mia's Mom; Grant is coaching Mason's baseball team; Champions is after school care.

I just wrote this email.......

Okay, so you guys know that I am going to Vegas, but I made a mistake and screwed up on when I was going......OPPS!  So, with quick recalculation and a lot of help from Grant and Mom, I am back on track.  Here is the schedule:

Tuesday, I am still in town, but I have Leadership Meeting at school, so the kids will go to Champions (I will drive Sean home), and my Mom will take Mason to Ukulele Lessons.  I will take Nolan home with me after Leadership.

Wednesday, I am taking the kids for late start, throwing them out of the car at 10:20, and meeting my Mom and Dawn (girlfriend I am flying with) at my house to blaze to the airport for our 12:30 flight.

Grant will pick up the boys and Mia (however Mia may choose Champions over this schedule) immediately after school.  Drop Sean off and then come home.  At 3:45, Mom will arrive to take Mia and Nolan to Nolan's piano lesson.  Grant then goes with Mason to Mason's baseball game.  Mom returns home with Nolan and Mia and Mia goes to her house before piano lessons.  Mom to cook dinner or whatever I put in the frig to warm up for the boys.

Thursday, Grant is working from home.  Mia will arrive early because Beckey has a work thing.  Grant will take them to school and pick them up after school.  Nolan has Baseball Practice at 6:00 at Uplands, so Mia may be there depending on pick up time.

Friday, Grant will drop the boys off early to Beckey's so he can get a decent day in, and the kids will go to Champions after school per usual.  Mom will pick Dawn and I up at the airport that afternoon.

WHEW - God, I need a vacation!  Oh, that is right....VEGAS!!!!!!

Moral to the story.....CARPE DIEM!

Happy Sunday, Ang

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