Monday, May 20, 2013

A boy and his pan

Nolan has always loved to be in the kitchen.  His first blisters were when he was old enough to stand at the stove and I was make a pot of pasta sauce and he tried to look inside grabbing the side with both hands.  Doesn't matter how many times you tell them, but once they burn their hands, it don't happen again.  Well, for the past two weeks, I have had to watch the Bialetti Aeternum video on the Bed Bath and Beyond website.  It is ceramic cookware.  Finally Nolan insisted on buying it.  I told him he could not buy a set.  He protested, so we went to the store and he got to feel all the pans.  Clearly, the 8" fry pan was the only one he could hold with one hand (his requirement).  "Do you have a coupon?"  Why do they ask me these things?  I said, "Use this one, it is the best for this purchase."  He read the directions with Dad and "made" lunch.  Pasta with Peas.  The pasta was already cooked so it was about cooking frozen peas in A LOT of butter and adding pasta.  Dare I say, but it was good.  Usually we add LOTS salt.  For dessert, he topped sauteed marshmallows with cinnamon sugar over ice cream.  When he wanted to do cookies, I said, "Sweetie, you can't bake with that pan."  His response was a firm, "That's a bummer."  I have to say it has been a good distraction for me...scan is tomorrow and I have been a little on edge.  He slept with it last night and
I have to bring the pan to school to show his teacher this, my question is, when do I send him to therapy?!?!?!?!?!  Happy Monday, Ang


Vicki Olafson said...

That's so awesome. Nolan and Olivia should get together. She is always taking my pampered chef spatulas telling me I can have them back when I need help in the kitchen.

Love ya

Lisa Hanley said...

I love this story and this photo. I even had to go to the Bed Bed & Beyond website to see the video about the pan. It features Fabio from Top Chef! I can see why Nolan wanted one so badly... I want one now too, but I doubt I will sleep with it. :-)

antie jane hainsworth said...

Skip the therapy. Send that child to the nearest culinary training school...Do you have kid's Chef camps in your area? If not, send him hear and we'll sign him up.

What a precious picture. The man with the pan.

Love and miss you and all

Anonymous said...

I teach spelling and punctuation. Can you tell? Jane

Nodi said...

I have read your total story &
Really enjoyed! "It is ceramic cookware" ............Really i am surprised!
Thanks Angela Clarno!
I will come back in your blog again!

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