Friday, September 21, 2012

Hi! Still here!

It has been a long time since I posted and I kinda apologize for that.  Things have been well, up in the air, busy, crazy, y'know.  As you know, I was not able to do chemo on the 4th.  I went back on the 11th - nope, no chemo.  My platelets were just not coming back so, I didn't do chemo until the 17th.  So, let me give you a daily blow by blow of my life since the 9th....

September 10th - Went to the Puyallup Fair.  Mason placed second in both Tractor Pull and Muttin Bustin.  Nolan did very well, but not getting dirt his is eyes is WAY more important than placing at Muttin Bustin.  Boys went on a lot of big boy rides - together.  It was a beautiful day and to watch them talk on the ride, laugh, point at sights on the swings, etc. was truly precious.  They are growing up - wow.

September 11th - No Chemo.  I am starting to show symtoms of low platelets - bruises are not healing, etc.  Grant starts freaking out and looking up everything on the internet.  He forwards me this article on how too much blood thinning can cause your platelets to dive.  "Are you going to forward this to Hank?"  "I will talk to him about it." I reply.  See, here the thing......I am not going to talk to Hank unless there is nothing I am doing that I am doing to get me in, when I think about it....the further I get from chemo I can drink red wine.  I had been drinking red more red wine.  Monitor new bruise and see if it heals better.

September 12th - Just a normal Mom day.  Grant takes the boys to soccer.

13th and 14th - Rest.  Count a million Box Tops.  How did I get this job?  Oh yeah, it makes me sit.  At $300 which means I have sorted, cut, and bound 3000 Box Tops.

15th - Soccer games all morning.

16th - My cousin gets married.  The wedding is in Bellingham.  I decide and have told her I cannot come.  I must rest and see if I can do chemo the next day.  Bruise way better.  No need to talk to Hank.  No more red wine.  Go to Acupuncture.

17th - Chemo.  Yes!  Crap!  Yuck!  Whew.  No more red wine.  Make ridiculous phone calls to tell people that chemo schedule is on.  (Sorry.)  Kitties sleep with me.  BTW - the second kitties name is Hannah June.  So, Molly Moon and Hannah June.  Yes, they are ridiculously girly names, and I like them!

18th - Feel okay.  Make it to Mason and Nolan's Open House at school.  Chris gives me water halfway through.  "Whatever you do - don't touch the water fountain!'  Thanks Chris!  Kitties sleep with me.

19th  - Feel like crap.  Bruise almost gone - record healing.  No more red wine - not that that sound appealing anyway.  Kitties sleep with me.

20th - Boys come home.   Kitties sleep with me.  I am better.

21st - I am good, but cautious.  But I got the BEST news in a long time.  Mia, the little girl that I took care of last year, got her progress tests back.  See, last fall, my taking care of her was also part of a plan to help improve her performance at school.  From what her Mom was telling me, I was like, "There is nothing WRONG with Mia.  She just needs some extra help.  Why don't I talk her Monday through Wednesday?"  She agreed and it began.  We walked home from school, ate snack, did homework, and I LOVED IT.  So nice to have a girl around!  Well, apparently, my, as well as everyone else's help, paid off.  Mia not only is proficient at reading and math, she is officially advanced at reading and approaching advanced at math.  YEAH MIA! now to some is a list of "I never thought....." since Labor Day.....

I never thought I would have Robin Christopher Meredith Jones help clean my house.  BTW - he is awful at it.  I mean, he cleans it, but living through the commentary was more than one should have to deal with!  "HOLY CRAP ANG!  When was the last time you dusted up there (beam 12 feet in the air)?!??!  Well, good thing I am doing it!"  Jen was a much better helper.  SHOCKER!

I never thought I would drive 45 mins for a bra store and do it twice because a bra is so amazing!  SERIOUSLY!  GO TO SOMA!  (Women only please.)  Thanks Emily!

I never thought that days after I got two kittens that I apparently did not want I would have to put down my cat that was not my cat because of cancerous lesions in her mouth and down her throat.  I did not tell the boys is was cancer.  I sobbed for a entire day.

I never thought I would want to go to chemo.....

Enjoy the day and watch the moments - they fly by - just like my boys on the swings........

Love, Ang


Anonymous said...

All good stuff Ang. Your boys are growing up and you are still there being their mom and cheerleader. Many thoughts and prayers to you and your family...hugs, Pam

auntie jane said...

The fair sounds like it was fun. You guys are great at doing fall!!!
Mutton Bustin and all.
Poor little Cutie Pie. Such a sweetie.

I'll be calling you soon to get some Santa specifics.
Love Auntie Jane

Vicki Olafson said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the girlie kittie names. Just saying them makes me smile. You are such a great mom. Pace yourself, love the moments and know you are loved by many many people. Hugs and prayers Ang.


Anonymous said...

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