Friday, November 6, 2009

Some good news...

I went to see my oncologist yesterday but before I did, I visited my genetic counselor. I think I mentioned that we are now looking into the genetics of this crazy stuff. I am not driving it, but my new GYN Oncologist is. So, here is the SHORT verison that I have not explicitly mentioned before. Throughout the summer I mentioned making me normal again....well, that means my pelvis. I have learned that I was completely damaged from the radiation and there is fluid and blockages where there shouldn't be. Welcome to the wrath of collateral damage from radiation in a female pelvis. So, there was a bit of an over reaction by my OB/GYN to refer me to an GYN Oncologist. This happened in August. I couldn't get into him until September - after my colonscopy. The GYN Ocologist looked at my scan from down there and believes that all that fluid is a natural consequence of radiation damage. (No, they never told me all of this BEFORE radiation. They said, "All will be as it once was." Can you say, "Creative truth???") HOWEVER, he looked at me and said, "Have you gotten the geneology done for your cancer?" I said, "I hasn't been a priority, just as this hasn't been until now." He concurred, but said, "Well, if we have to reconstruct you (yeah - this is as bad as it sounds) there is a strain of colorectal cancer that has a high occurance of ovarian, uteran, and sick cancer. So, when we get to that point, if the Physical Therapy doesn't work (yep - just as bad as you can imagine) and you have that strain, I would recommend taking your ovaries and uterus out." G-R-E-A-T. Not that I am attached or anything - I mean who the frick cares at this point. "Okay" I reply. And then he said, "Angela, I believe that with regular PT you will be able to correct this mostly on your own and if you don't have the strain with the other cancers the correction surgery could be very easy." Okay, now I am looking up at the heavens and rolling my eyes. I take a deep breath and say, "Listen, my PT has not been a priority and quite frankly makes me want to vomit because it hurts that bad. HOWEVER, since there is nothing else I need to do right now, I will make it a priority, I will get to Bob the genetic counselor, and by the next time you see me, I will have all the answers and be as "self corrected" as I can be. By the way, you have just met your favorite patient." He smiled and said, "I think I have." He went on to examine me and he saw something he didn't like - a mole. He asked me all sorts of questions about it and I just responded with, "My dermatologist knows about it, I JUST has a colonoscopy, my butt is pretty well reviewed." He said, "I don't like it and I want your colon rectal surgeon to take a look." Okay. Back downstairs, I hop up on the table, and he says, "Where is it???" I AM SERIOUS. I said, "I don't know - I can't SEE down there!!!!" We are now both cracking up. Apparently, it is the size of a pin head. He said, "Ang, this is NOT skin cancer, nor is it anything I am worried about. Are you worried about it??" NO. "Is Hank (my oncologist) worried about it?" "Not that I know of." "Well, then, let him take a look and he can be the tie breaker. We can always take it off, but it is a seven day recovery." G-R-E-A-T. Downstairs I go. Hank looked and said, "Ang, this doesn't EVEN make the list." YEAH - I am safe! Okay, fast forward to you can see why the GYN oncologist was worried, I may or may not have a strain of cancer that included ovarian, uterine, and SKIN. I have had an abnormal mole removed right before I was diagnosis with colorectal, and I have fluid stuck up there. Well, after speaking to my genetic counselor yesterday, I DO NOT HAVE THAT STRAIN OF COLORECTAL CANCER KNOWN AS LYNCH DISEASE. So, no hysterectomy and no flipping out every time I get a mole (although I am required to do yearly FULL BODY checks including my butt). I proclaim weakly, "Yeah." thinking what else can come up?!?!?!?! I go downstairs for my normal oncology appointment and more blood to be taken for genetic purposes, and he says, "Everything looks great, you need to scan some time around Thanksgiving." I asked if after Mason's birthday was okay. We are celebrating on the 5th. He said, "Okay." And then I let out a big huge sigh of relief. Yeah, I will have to deal with the panic attacks of not knowing, but what I can do is have Thanksgiving with energy, friends and a glass of wine. In addition, Mason's birthday be JUST AND ONLY ABOUT HIM - no chemo, no radiation, just HIM and twenty four kids running wild for two wonderful beautiful amazing hours. is all good news. Happy weekend, Ang


Anonymous said...

Thank you sooo much for sharing!! That is good news, yeah! You really got your exercise going up and down to all of your doctors. I'm assuming they were all in the same building??
So glad you had a good Halloween, LOVED the picture you posted.
You have succeeded Ang, and along the way have brightened and encouraged everyone else. You are amazing.
Have a good weekend.
Your unmet friend
PS My son has a hockey game on Sat 4:00pm at the Kent arena. I will be thinking of you because I think you live close:-)

Anonymous said...

There is nothing I ever heard of that compares to your cancer treatment journey. Perhaps during the Inquisition when they devised all those elaborate tortue schemes. I am humbled by your courage and your strength of character to perservere. You are one strong Mother, in the most beautiful sense of that word. Is there anything Mag and I can do to help? Please tell us, your latest experiences leave us feeling the need to do something but I dont know what. Love to you and your family, pat&mag said...

Tremendous news! I bet you can relate to a pinball right about now. (Boing.) I do believe it's time to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angela,

Jeff and I are in Kauai and thinking of you. Drinking a Maitai to your good report.

- Tim

leslie kendall said...

Water boarding.......that's all I have to say :)