Monday, March 16, 2009

Normally I don't post twice in one day,

but I am today. We went to the Bouncy House. WAS I NUTS???? I thought it would be a work out for the kids - NOT ME! The boys had a BLAST. Mason was like a little spider man - up everything, down everything, he truly amazed me. Nolan was cautious and had me go on everything with him the first time. Once he got the hang of it, "I DO IT!" came into play and I was saved HOWEVER there were a couple things that being little he could not do himself and the toddler area apparently was B-O-R-I-N-G. I was able to do most everything but then there was the WALL. I am talking completely vertical 10 foot wall. Now the 20 foot 45 degree wall with climbing rope was easy, but this was vertical and most of the hand holds at the top were missing. I was able to get Nolan up it, Mason did it himself, but I failed three times. Now, not all the women in that place were even trying the wall; most men did it; and then one woman was chatting me up and we agreed that I would help her boy up and she would get both our boys over the top. She was SHORT, so she couldn't spot her boy to the top. I could. She however could get up the wall being seven months pregnant and I couldn't. So, it worked out, but it bugged me. When she left, Nolan wanted to up it again because, after all, his brother was. I let him go and while spotting him I noticed that the left side still had the hand holds at the top. One more try - and I did it. So, we went two more times and they called time out for the session (THANK GOD). But, I did it. One hour of complete play like a toddler - my heart was going and I was sweating. I feel like a threw my shoulder out and it hurts to type this, but I DID IT. I didn't tell anybody about my cancer, I kicked ass, my shoulder will probably have permanent damage but my pride and my fighting spirit were saved. Sometimes that makes all the difference. Now, where is that that heat pad..... TTFN, Ang


Anonymous said...

And you wonder where Nolan gets the "I do it!" from? You are a little nutty, wouldn't dream of disagreeing. But it's the most charming nuttiness I've ever encountered. And you rocked the wall! (My condolences to your shoulder.) Love to all of you --

Unknown said...

OK, I tried that wall too and fell off it it 3 times before I made it over the top. And I'm sure I looked like a complete idiot when I finally did crawl over the top like it was Mt. Everest!

I think it is easier for short people and we are both tall. that's my story and I'm sticking to it!