Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A nice vacation.

Well, my week off ended at 2:00 yesterday. I showed up to chemo exhausted and I was happy for it. It was a good tired. I jam packed it with lots of fun as well as odds and ends I have needed to do for a while. We had four days of Valentine's Day - one at the cancer center which is a great way for Mason to see and interact with all my docs, nurses, social workers, surgeons, etc.; one at preschool; one day at daycare; and one day at home. This, of course, lead right into Nolan's second birthday which was Monday, but we celebrated Sunday. We had the family party. Nothing big, just immediate family, pizza, cake and presents. It was fun and Nolan got that it was all about him which is not the most comfortable situation for him. He is used to and, I believe, very comfortable being the second child. I think he likes it because our attention is split and leads to a lot of time for him to do what he wants before I can "redirect" him otherwise. He is my sly child which I secretly love but I will never tell him that. During my vacation, I got to cook and drink very weak lemon drops. At least they looked good in the glass. I even was successful with ice cream which also made me realize that we need new ice cream. Apparently when you can't eat it, you completely disregard the need for others to eat it. It was really old. As the grand finale of my vacation, we went to the zoo on Monday - Nolan's true birthday. Tyrus, my brother in law is visiting to visit, ski, etc. He came with us and I was glad for it. The zoo was a zoo and I am not talking about the animals. It was great having three adults to the five children. Karissa and co went also. We had fun, but I will not be going back on a holiday any time soon. As for chemo, I am not happy about it, but I am not sick to my stomach about it either. I needed the week off. I apologized to Tyrus for being on chemo this week since I "could" have done it last week. He shrugged his shoulders and said, "You gotta live." Well put and in very typical Hainsworth economy of words style. There was another significant event on Friday night - a memorial. I am not ready to talk about yet though I only have good things to say. I will talk about it later because it deserves to by talked about. There are other stories too like, "Why is an eighty year old taking care of me?", "Good Friends", and "Did they steal my glasses?" but there is time for those later. Have a great Wednesday. Love, Ang


Anonymous said...

Hi Ang,
Thought about you all week and I'm so glad you had a good vacation from chemo. Please remember to tell us the stories you were talking about. We love to hear all your funny stories along with the hard ones.
Hey, when life gives you lemons, make lemon drops!!!!
Your unmet friend

Anonymous said...

Good for you Ang!! Take advantage of every vacation you can. It is also nice for the clan to gather and reaffirm the love of the collective as well as the individual. love pat&mag

Anonymous said...

Luckily you went to the zoo on Monday rather than Wednesday. You didn't have to evacuate when they went into lockdown due to an escaped monkey.

auntie jane hainsworth said...

I'm concerned about our simian cousins. First Travis the whacko 911 chimp in Connecticut, then the zoo escapee in Seattle. Is it Planet of the Apes coming to life...or did Tyrus's visit on Monday just scare the poor guy in Seattle into making a run for it? Every man deserves a wife as supportive as I am. Love Jane