Saturday, July 19, 2008

Technology - ain't it grand?!?!?!

So, apparently, I hit my enable/disable "wireless network" button, couldn't connect ANYWHERE yesterday and the best part - I had no idea where the button was. Yep, gettin' old. Anyhoo, found the button at 3:30 am and I am back online. Here are the results. I am still in remission, but there are a couple locations in my left lung that he wants to rescan next month. Luckily, my PET scan, the one that measures cancer, was perfect. No cancer. It is the CAT or CT scan, the xray one, that he wants to do again. I am not worried too much and my oncologist wasn't worried, but wants to be sure which I completely appreciate. He was more concerned that my expectations of being "perfect" weren't met which is what makes him a REALLY good doctor. We talked a lot about what my expectations should be in my survivorship and that this will happen now and again and could be nothing. If it is something, we manage it, treat it if necessary, and go on our merry way. At least it is just a CT scan where I fast for a couple hours - not days of prep - throw myself on the table and it is over in 10 minutes. When I got over that, we went into my questions. One of them went like this....."Dude, I just glanced at my driver's license yesterday, and I forgot that I am an organ donor. I can't be an organ donor!!! What if I gave this to somebody? Should I just donate my body to science and how do I do that?" His response with his head sideways and looking at me like I am a NUTBAR, "You are going to need your body for a while yet, but corneas (sp) are fine. Call the DMV and have them update it." Okay, check. Off to bed....Ang


Anonymous said...

First of all what are you doing up at 3:30am anyways???? Are you having problems sleeping???
Secondly, yeah on your PET scan. We'll just pray about your lung. Enjoy this beautiful Sunday night. The sunset is going to be gorgeous!! are going to enjoy your corneas for a LONG, LONG, LONG time!!!!
Have a good night.

Anonymous said...

Talking about the nitty gritty of death can make us feel more comfortable in the sense that we are bringing order and control into that which seems to have no order or control. It is also cathartic to share those feelings because people avoid it and your blog makes them aware that they are not immune. The good news should be enjoyed and celebrated enthusiasticly, (which is one of your God given talents). So don't forget 'carpe diem' and ,hatchie patchie boom boom' and remember all of us who are trying to help you push this boulder up the hill, we love you and want your success more than anything. love pat&mag