Monday, May 19, 2008

Grant's 41st Birthday

Last year, Grant turned 40 and he had a big golf weekend planned. Well, I think we all know what happened with those plans since I started treatment on June 4th of last year and his birthday was on June 5th. So, this year, he finally got his birthday. He, and just about the same group of guys, went to Chelan for the weekend to play golf, Euchre (spelling), and drink. Sounds pretty awful to me, but hey - it is HIS birthday! Naturally, this left me with two boys alone this weekend. The good news is we did pretty well, and I, while tired, am very happy that I did it. I only lost my mind once. Mason turned it around after that. I am sure he was thinking, "Holy cow, she can LOSE IT!" My Mom was worried and cleaned her house in case I needed to move us there, but I didn't. She helped out a lot so that I got breaks and that was very helpful. Grant is coming home today with blisters from so much golf. Happy Birthday! One funny cancer story from this is when Grant was planning it he could not seem to find the time to book a place to stay so I got involved. When I called around I quickly changed my question from, "Do you have any availablity" to "Do you know anyone that has availabiltiy?" I found a house, emailed the info to Grant, but he wanted to think about it over night. While rolling my eyes, I called to see if I could hold the place with a credit card and the woman that I spoke to (different than the one in the morning) said, "No worries, just call back in the morning." Well, guess what, yeah - it was booked in the morning. Actually, the morning woman was holding it for a guy until the afternoon WITHOUT a credit card. I was like, "But she told me..." and the woman kept saying, "I wish you would have talked to me." By the third time she said this, I replied, "You don't seem to get it. My husband needs to be in Chelan that weekend playing golf, cards, and drinking!" and then it all came out. The cancer, the fact that he was 41 this year, etc. etc. etc. When I was done with my three minute tirade there was a very ackward pause followed my a direct and convincing response of, "I WILL GET YOU A HOUSE." Then we hung up. She called 10 minutes later and I started the conversation with, "I am sorry. I usually don't get that emotional. It is just that.." and she interrupted with "You have have a bad year - it is totally understandable. This is when I can do for you." They got a house and actually a bigger house for the same money. Needless to say, I booked it right then WITH a VISA. Second funny story was when Grant was telling me his schedule he said, "I am leaving first thing on Friday and I will try and be back in time on Monday so that you can go to scrapbooking." I tilted my head, looked at him, and said, "Oh, you will be back or I will be calling CPS on you on my way to scrapbooking." I mean seriously!!!! Happy Monday, Ang


Anonymous said...

Wow, Angela, it is so easy to admire you and to value what you have in your family and your life! I've thought of you countless times these past months, offering my prayers for things I did not even know you needed; it was like my thoughts were being guided, and then later, when you wrote, I found out why.

I also recently thought of you in a new way: I have been plagued with hemorhoids again. (I can talk about this because apparently over half of us get them by the age of 50.) One of them is apparently "thrombosed", which is very painful. On top of that, I've had a horrible cold with a lot of coughing, which causes "that area" to convulse. So, in a very special way I have feel I understand a little of what you must have gone through over this past year.

I followed your good example, too. In spite of my modesty, I took the dreaded step of having a doctor check it out. I might need surgery but it doesn't look like cancer. Phew! It's a relief to be sure. Ironically, since cancer, that is the #1 question I ask my doctor every time I have an affliction. And every time the answer is "no", I recall elation and relief.... A new day dawns!

All of this to say that even though your blog and situation were about you, your insight has helped me as well. I honor you for your courage and strength. I know about surviving cancer and the ensuing "frets" that arise long afterwards. But mostly, I know you are well and good. I feel it in my bones (and in that other sensitive region). As MTM said, "We're going to make it after all."

God bless you from,

A fellow sojourner

P.S. Another part of your blog is about Bob. I've been praying for him as well. Please let him know that. He seems like an excellent survivor!

Anonymous said...

When a family member uses "I will call CPS on you", they are using The Nuclear Option. Now I know you would never do that but what language did families use in the past? "I will call Special Forces and they will clean your clock" or
"better look out Buster, the FBI is on my speed dial" of course now we have "I am calling Homeland Security and your butt will be in Gitmo before dark".
I am afraid Grant has my sympathy on this one,he has done yoeman duty this past year and does not deserve to be shipped to Guantanamo although there are nice beaches there.Perhaps the two of you could leave the kids with Homeland Security (your folks) and slip away for a quiet healing day or two. love to you both, pat&mag.